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I am Anatole_serial.

I have a website.

I have Twitter.

Occasionally I lurk in Touhou no Sekai's IRC chatroom. (It's in Spanish, though XD)

Why am I here?

I don't know.

Maybe I just feel like I have to do something, you know?

Something positive.

So, yeah. :)

I mostly do maintenance stuff, like fixing broken links and renaming things that must be renamed.

My current pet project is a redesign of the way the information in the Character pages flows.

I have a sandbox in which I'm constantly trying new ideas. If you have anything to contribute, drop me a line at my Talk page! Or Twitter. Or my website.


  • Implement Character Page format change (According to the layout in Kogasa's character page, which is simple and efficient).
  • Improve readability and text in Character Pages as I change the format.
  • Capture Points, kill ClapTraps, burn Zombies, and finish my Masters Degree.
  • Punch trees, get wood.

Ramble of the Week

You know what I hate? INACCURACY. Now that I'm changing the format in the Character Pages, I'm finding Speculation presented as FACT without any backing or proof. Expect me removing many of those as I find them. And trust me: I'll scour every nook and cranny to find ANY proof that it's justified. If I don't find any reference, I WILL REMOVE IT unless someone can prove otherwise.

Fortunately, I'm also rewriting some sections in the articles for clarity's sake.

Which means, I may or may not be able to finish one Character Profile per day... At least for the characters that only appear in the most recent games. I expect that by the time I, or anyone else, gets to Reimu or Marisa, those will take at least two or three days... Optimistically speaking.


It's tough, but it's gonna be SOOO worth it.

Let's give it our best.

- Anatole_serial, on a beautiful February Sunday night, waiting for the right time to go.