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Hey, I'm Andrew. I'm a computer science student, a hobbyist game developer, and one of the many many Touhou fans. My main contributions to the wiki have been and will be expanding on Fan Game pages.

Pixel Playlist[edit]

Pixel Playlist is a program I made that has the ability to override background music with music playlists. Check out my subpage for a list of configurations you can use to change the background music of different Touhou games, or the Game Tools and Modifications page for a link to download the program.

Touhou Favorites and Stuff[edit]


My favorite characters are Kaguya and Mokou, although I also really like pretty much any of the characters that use swords (Youmu, Tenshi, Momiji). In the shooting games, I tend to favor Reimu, while in the fighting games, I mainly use Remilia (in Hisoutensoku), and Reimu/Marisa/Futo (in HM).


My favorite Touhou song is Voyage 1969/1970. Other favorites include:

  • Septette for the Dead Princess
  • The Gensokyo the Gods Loved
  • Heartfelt Fancy
  • Lullaby of Deserted Hell
  • Night Sakura of Dead Spirits
  • Legend of the Great Gods
  • Inchlings of the Shining Needle ~ Little Princess
  • The Lost Emotion

(I probably should also include U.N. Owen, because it gets stuck in my head more often than any other Touhou song ever...)

As for Circles/artists, I mainly listen to instrumental arranges (although as far as vocals go, I really like Buta-Otome). Some of my favorites are:

Official Games[edit]

Game 1cc? (Normal) Extra Cleared?
Game Progress
StB Level 5
DS Level 7
ISC All Clear

Fan Games[edit]

Fan Games that I've completed include:

Others I've played but have yet to finish:

NitroidMariAri2Youyou Kengeki MusouSanae Challenge! FUSIONPatchconNew Super Marisa LandKoumajou Densetsu: Scarlet SymphonyKoumajou Densetsu II: Stranger's RequiemGensou Shoujo TaisenTouhou Sky ArenaMaristiceNightmare of Sleeping GirlUniting Barrage ActionMASTER BURNER CLIMAX