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About me[edit]

-In progress-

User, editor, taking the time to work on some of the less worked-on pages as well as various corrections all over the place.

You may also find me on KumikyokuWiki (link to my user page) if you need to contact me should I not be here. However, currently (as of May 2014, anyway) I am more active on here so this should not be necessary. I also idle on the wiki's IRC channel.

Stuff I'm working on[edit]

In order of current priority, last updated 27 May 2014. May change.

Preparations for the Great Touhoumon Project[edit]

Shelved indefinitely. In the meantime, here's a rough list of tasks.

Subpage index[edit]

Note: May not be maintained very well.

  • /High Score Almanac - for scores not covered by the main scores page (e.g. TAS, PC-98, PoFV, fangames)
  • /Locale Tool Comparison - testing deficiencies of the various locale tools (AppLocale and its derivatives, LocaleSwitch, NTLEA, Locale Emulator etc.)
  • /Touhou Shofu - Mirror, because working out which of 15 pages you want is a pain