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About me

-In progress-

User, editor, taking the time to work on some of the less worked-on pages as well as various corrections all over the place.

You may also find me on KumikyokuWiki (link to my user page) if you need to contact me should I not be here. However, currently (as of May 2014, anyway) I am more active on here so this should not be necessary. I also idle on the wiki's IRC channel.

Stuff I'm working on

In order of current priority, last updated 27 May 2014. May change.

Preparations for the Great Touhoumon Project

Shelved indefinitely. In the meantime, here's a rough list of tasks.

Subpage index

Note: May not be maintained very well.

  • /High Score Almanac - for scores not covered by the main scores page (e.g. TAS, PC-98, PoFV, fangames)
  • /Locale Tool Comparison - testing deficiencies of the various locale tools (AppLocale and its derivatives, LocaleSwitch, NTLEA, Locale Emulator etc.)
  • /Touhou Shofu - Mirror, because working out which of 15 pages you want is a pain