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Rinnosukecoloring.png Name: Arsene Lupin III

Species: Human (half-Japanese, half-New Zealander)
Abilities: *LOGIC
  • Basic Translating
  • Basic Editing
  • Violin Playing
  • Screwing around on an old 6-String Acoustic Guitar
  • Electronic Music
  • Normal/Hard Mode Danmaku Play
  • Camping and sniping people in paintball matches
  • Creating entire alternate universes in my mind, with hardly any limitations
Age: ???
Occupation: Medical School Student, Paintball Player, Hospital Worker
Location: The Alternate Space Labyrinth, walking in the infinity of my own realization

A manly man amongst other men.



Titles: See Character Titles


Current Works in Progress

Fun Facts

  • I can't really translate things directly from Japanese - most of time, I have someone or myself romanize the text. Then, I translate stuff. I'm learning, though.
  • Most of the time, editing is my game. However, I can't edit colored manga (too lazy), only black-and-white manga.
  • I camp a lot in paintball matches, relying on sniping tactics to take out enemies.
  • I actually don't know why Sakuya is my favorite character. Just something about her I can't put my finger on makes her my favorite character. However, I can say that her theme song is absolutely kickass, and that maid's outfit is niiice.
  • Similar to Sakuya, I don't know why Remilia is one of my favorite characters. I know that one of that one reason is probably because her theme song is one of my absolute favorites, but I don't know about anything else. Maybe her attitude? Her character? Her wings? This is a question which will probably never be answered.
  • The reason why Aya is one of my favorite characters is for two reasons: first of all, her theme song is awesome. Secondly, yet more importantly, her articles and interviews are absolutely hilarious.
  • Some friends and I recently came up with a "Touhou Framebreaker Challenge" - that is, we play a Touhou game (usually EoSD, because it's the easiest to mess with) with an incredibly messed up framerate (instead of the usual 60, we remove any limitations and screw with other settings, allowing it to jump from anywhere around 120 to 250). Since this causes some parts of the game to run faster or slower (and occasionally messes up other parts of the game completely), it distorts the gameplay so badly that even a person who had beaten hard mode with ease at the normal framerate would be having much difficulty.
  • In history, I've partially damaged one keyboard as a direct result of too much danmaku.
  • In real life, my weakest point is my vision, which is so bad that I was almost considered to be blind in one eye.