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English Wikipedia userpage at wikipedia:en:User:Benlisquare.

Hi, I'm benlisquare, from Australia. I spend a lot of my time contributing to Wikipedia, though I do also enjoy playing Touhou. I browse /jp/ as an anon as well.

You'll probably only see me do light work on Touhouwiki, such as minor spelling/grammar fixes, or fixing up Special:WantedTemplates on en, zh and pool Touhouwiki.

If you leave me a message here, and for some reason I don't respond for a long period of time, try giving me a yell at the English Wikipedia, since I spend most of my time there.

If you're interested in taking a look, I maintain a YouTube channel focusing on Touhou content.

Also, I somewhat struggle on Lunatic Mode, though I can 1CC on Hard. ;_;