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About me[edit]

Chiyuri Kitashirakawa

Chiyuri's alternate color in PoDD

Name: 北白河 ちゆり(きたしらかわ ちゆり)

Chiyuri Kitashirakawa

Alternate spellings: Tiyuri Kitashirakawa
Species: Human
Abilities: Artificial Magic
Age: 15
Occupation: Assistant professor
Location: Probability Space Hypervessel
  • Wears a mostly white sailor uniform with blue trims which looks too small for her and has a blue neckerchief and a white hat. She has blond hair and yellow eyes
  • (alternate outfit) Same as above, except her sailor uniform and hat is light red with red trims, and her neckerchief is red.
Titles: See Character Titles

Hey there! The Sailor of Time here. Mostly joined to translate the Gensou Shoujo Taisen wiki over here, but I think I'll do more stuff later on.

TH accomplishments and so.
Game Current Accomplishment Goals
Reiiden Normal 1cc both Routes Hard 1cc
Fuumaroku Normal 1cc all shot types, Extra clear ReimuC Hard 1cc
Yumejikuu Normal 1cc Chiyuri, Yumemi, Reimu, Kana Normal 1cc all characters, Hard 1cc
Gensokyo Hard 1cc MarisaB, Extra clear ReimuA Lunatic 1cc
Kaikidan Normal 1cc Mima, Extra clear Mima Hard 1cc
Koumakyou Normal 1cc ReimuB, Extra clear ReimuB Hard 1cc
Youyoumu Hard 1cc ReimuA, Phantasm clear SakuyaB Lunatic 1cc
Suimusou Normal 1cc Story (Marisa) Normal 1cc Story all characters
Eiyashou Hard 1cc Nether Team, Extra clear Remilia solo Lunatic 1cc, All Spellcards Captured
Kaeidzuka Normal 1cc all characters, Extra clear Reimu, Komachi, Shikieiki Hard 1cc
Bunkachou (StB) 81/85 All Spellcards cleared
Fuujinroku Normal 1cc all Reimu types, Extra clear ReimuB Hard 1cc, Lunatic 1cc
Hisouten Normal 1cc Story all characters, Hard 1cc Arcade Iku Hard Story 1cc, Lunatic Arcade 1cc
Chireiden Normal 1cc Reimu A, Normal 1cc ReimuB, Extra 1cc ReimuA Hard 1cc
Seirensen Normal 1cc all characters, Extra clear SanaeB Hard 1cc
Hisoutensoku Normal Story 1cc all characters, Lunatic Arcade 1cc all characters Hard Story 1cc
Bunkachou (DS) Hatate unlocked All Spellcards cleared
Sangessei Normal 1cc routes A1, B2, C2, Extra clear Normal 1cc all routes