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It's an person![edit]

Hello, I'm Crimium. I'm a big Touhou fan, and I want to help contribute to Touhou Wiki in anyway I can, to share info and make Touhou knowledge more accessible to others. I'm not too active, but I try my best to spread any new knowledge that I can.

How I got into Touhou Project[edit]

Generic, I know, but I got my first taste of Touhou back in like, 2016? Where I saw both the "Ronald McDonald Insanity" video, and the "Bad Apple!!" shadow art PV. I thought it was pretty cool, then I was exposed to "Night of Nights" around 2017. Eventually, I was getting pretty curious and looked more into Touhou around 2018. I fell in love with the music, the games, and the rest was history.


I don't really have any socials, but if (for whatever reason) you need to reach out and contact me, I have Discord. My name on there is "Crimium #8737."