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Table Name Description Starting Points Required Points
Normal Rule Table
The most standard ruleset for mahjong. Special abilities are unusable. 25,000 30,000
Hakurei Shrine Grounds
On the first hand of each round, all 1-pin tiles become red dora. 25,000 30,000
Marisa's Room
On the first hand of each round, one of each tile becomes a red dora. 25,000 30,000
The Great Library
No red dora. Magic gauge increases faster. The game starts with 3 dora indicators. 50,000 50,000
Saigyouyou Garden
No red dora. Calling a numbered tile costs 1000 points, while calling an honor tile costs 2000. 30,000 30,000
Tengu Village
If there is less than 5000 points between the top two players, everyone except the player currently in first has two wind tiles automatically placed in their hand. 25,000 30,000
Children's Limbo
No red dora. Points are multiplied by 2 for a ron and by 3 for a tsumo. 100,000 100,000
Moriya Shrine Sanctuary
In addition to the normal red dora, each dragon contains a red dora. 30,000 30,000
Blazing Hell
Aotenjou (no point limit). In addition to the normal red dora, each wind and dragon contains a red dora. 500,000,000 500,000,000
Hot Spring of the Earth Spirits
After declaring riichi, any tsumo made within three turns of the declaration is considered ippatsu. (This effect is nullified if a tile is called from the player in riichi) 25,000 30,000
No red dora. Magic gauge increases considerably faster. Using a special ability costs 1000 points. 30,000 30,000
Human Village
A table specifically for three-player mahjong. It uses only 4 tiles of each of 1~9 from all three suits combined, and not all honor tiles are used. Unlike normal three-player games, you may call chii. 25,000 30,000


  • Reimu - For 3 turns after activation, no one may ron off your tiles.
  • Marisa - Changes a random number tile in your hand to a red dora.


  • Rumia - Hides your hand and discards from other players until the end of the hand.
  • Daiyousei - Usable on your first draw. Replaces your hand with a new one.
  • Cirno - Freezes one player at random, forcing them to discard their next 3 draws (unless they can win off the tile). Will occasionally freeze self.
  • Meiling - Usable on your first draw. All exchanged points are doubled until the end of this hand, excluding no-ten bappu.
  • Koakuma - Usable on your first draw. Replaces three randomly selected tiles in your hand with new ones.
  • Patchouli - For the rest of this hand, it becomes more difficult to draw honor tiles.
  • Sakuya - Exchanges three specified tiles in your hand with three tiles from the wall.
  • Remilia - Changes anywhere from one to four tiles in your hand to red dora.
  • Flandre - For six turns starting from your next draw, you will have a higher chance of drawing wind tiles. (If there are none left in the wall, then you will not.)


  • Letty - Usable on your first draw. Whenever another player calls a tile, they must discard their next two draws.
  • Chen - Usable when declaring riichi. For the next six turns, other players cannot call ron from of your discards.
  • Alice - If you lose more than 12000 points (excluding the pot) on the round you use this ability, the points you lose will be cut in half.
  • Lily White - You will have a higher chance of getting white dragons in your next hand.
  • Lunasa - Changes X tiles in your hand to red dora, where X is the number of 1 and 9 tiles in your discards halved, rounded down. Up to four tiles can be changed in this way.
  • Merlin - You will automatically get the dora indicator tile.
  • Lyrica - Usable from the second turn onward. Exchanges a random tile in your hand with a specified tile in any player's discard pile.
  • Youmu - For the next four turns, other players may not call.
  • Yuyuko - For the rest of the hand, you will steal points when you call pon or an open kan. The number of points is increased for each called set or declared ankan.
  • Ran - Usable when declaring riichi. For three turns after declaring riichi, the chances of drawing your winning tile increase. The chances will increase more if you are on a single wait. The chance decreases with each draw.
  • Yukari - Blurs the border between the wall and the dead wall, decreasing the number of tiles in the wall by 8.


  • Wriggle - Swaps a random tile from your hand with the dora indicator.
  • Mystia - For six turns after activation, all other players lose vision of other players' hands and discards.
  • Keine - Lowers one other player's ability gauge and changes random tiles from your hand to a red dora. The lowering amount and how many tiles are changed depends on your turn order, with a maximum of 4.
  • Tewi - Usable when you declare a win. There will be a high probability the ura-dora will indicate tiles in your hand.
  • Reisen - Usable when you declare a win. Any tiles in your hand that are in both your hand and your discards will become red dora. No more than four tiles will change in this way.
  • Eirin - For five turns after your next draw, you will gain increased chances of drawing either man tiles, sou tiles, or pin tiles.
  • Kaguya - For three turns after your next draw, the chances of drawing the tile indicated by the dora indicator go up. You cannot draw a red dora. During these three turns, you may not declare a win, declare riichi, or declare a kan.
  • Keine (Hakutaku) - Lowers other players' ability gauges, and changes random tiles in your hand to red dora. The amount of gauge decrease and the number of red dora you gain depend on the turn order of the players, with a maximum of 4 tiles changed.
  • Mokou - Usable on your first draw. If another player declares a win with a hand worth 8000 points or less, no points are exchanged.

Ka + Bun + Sui + Hi[edit]

  • Suika - Returns a random odd-numbered tile in your hand to the wall and draws a random even-numbered tile of the same suit.
  • Aya - You get another turn immediately. The first tile you discard cannot be called, but it does not protect against a ron. You cannot use this while in riichi.
  • Medicine - Usable when you declare a win. For the next hand, any player who lost points this hand will not be able to call.
  • Yuuka - Usable when declaring an open kan, a promoted kan, or a closed kan. The new dora indicator will point to the tile used in the kan.
  • Komachi - Usable when declaring riichi. If you win, it will be treated as ippatsu. This ability isn't affected by calls.
  • Eiki - If the round ends in a stalemate, your hand will always be considered to be in tenpai, and no-ten bappu is doubled.
  • Iku - Usable when declaring ron. Each yaku worth 1~3 han in your hand will have an extra 1 han added to it, excluding riichi, ippatsu, double riichi, and pinfu.
  • Tenshi - Usable on your first draw. Swaps three specified tiles in your hand with the "next tile". This may fail to work.
  • Hatate - Choose a tile in your hand; you will draw that tile next turn. You will not draw a red dora, and it has a chance of failing. You also may not declare a tsumo win, declare riichi, or declare a kan on the turn you draw the specified tile.


  • Shizuha - Usable when declaring a win with at least 10 tiles left in the wall. Random tiles in your hand will be changed to red dora. The number of tiles changed increases with the number of tiles left in the wall, up to a maximum of 4.
  • Minoriko - Usable when declaring a win. Your fu will go up by 30 if you declared ron, and by 40 if you declared tsumo.
  • Hina - Usable when declaring a win. In the next hand, disaster will rain down upon the hand of any opponents who lost points.
  • Nitori - For six turns after activation, you will place your discards face-down. Other players cannot call them. (They can declare ron, however)
  • Momiji - For the rest of this hand, you will be able to predict calls. (When another player must choose to call a tile, their name will light up)
  • Sanae - In the next hand, a triplet of wind tiles will be in your hand. If people who draw before you get those same tiles, this will fail.
  • Kanako - In the next hand, the "seeds" of an ikkitsuukan will be in your hand. (6 tiles)
  • Suwako - Some tiles in your hand will change to sou tiles. Tiles that were already sou tiles won't change.


  • Kisume - Usable when declaring a win. Any players you took points from will be forced to discard their first three draws in the next hand.
  • Yamame - Binds one random tile in each other player's hand. That player may not discard that tile for the entire hand.
  • Parsee - Usable on your first draw. Whenever another player calls during this hand, a random tile in your hand becomes a red dora.
  • Yuugi - Your next draw has a much higher chance of being the tile indicated by the dora indicator. You won't draw a red dora. You may not declare riichi, a kan, or win by tsumo with the drawn tile.
  • Satori - Usable on your first draw. Reads everyone's hand. You can't see tiles they drew afterwards.
  • Rin - Swaps a chosen tile in your hand with a chosen tile in your discards. You cannot declare a tsumo win, declare riichi, or declare a kan with the tile you take.
  • Utsuho - Places four of the same terminal tile in your next hand. This may fail.
  • Koishi - For the rest of the round, no one can call your tiles.


  • Nazrin - Usable on your first draw. For five turns after reaching tenpai, the chances of drawing your winning tile will increase. However, if you riichi, this effect disappears.
  • Kogasa - Usable when declaring a win. If you won with a closed hand but are not in riichi, you will receive two additional han.
  • Ichirin - Erases the first six tiles from your discards.
  • Murasa - Usable any time there are at least 12 tiles left in the wall. If you are in tenpai when there are four or less tiles left, you will have a higher chance of drawing your winning tile. If the tile is not in the wall, it will be created there.
  • Shou - Places 1 to 2 red dora into your next hand. If the ruleset has no red dora, they will be created.
  • Byakuren - Usable from the second turn onward. Swaps a specified tile in another player's discards with a tile in your hand. You may not declare riichi, open kan, or win by tsumo with this tile. You will also be unable to discard this tile until your next draw.
  • Newegg - Usable on your first draw. During this hand, all of the tiles in your discards will appear to other players as random honor tiles.


  • Kyouko - The tile you just drew will be drawn again next turn. You will not draw a red dora, and it has a chance of failing. You also may not declare a tsumo win, declare riichi, or declare a kan on the turn you draw the specified tile.
  • Yoshika - When activated, you will steal points from each other player based on the amount of visible tiles currently in play.
  • Seiga - For the rest of this hand, you (? maybe everyone) is not bound by furiten limitations.
  • Tojiko - Usable on your first draw. During this round, each omote-dora in your hand is counted as two han instead of one.
  • Futo - Your hand next round will always have at least one of each wind in it.
  • Miko - Until your next draw, other players may not declare victory or riichi.
  • Mamizou - Choose three tiles in your hand. If anyone else has those tiles in their hand, those tiles will be visible to you for the rest of the hand. The same tiles if drawn later will not be visible.


  • Wakasagihime - Usable when there are have been at least six tiles discarded. The four most recent discards will be placed into your hand in the next round. If any tiles were red dora, they will become regular tiles. Called tiles will not be put into your hand.
  • Kagerou -
  • Benben -
  • Yatsuhashi -
  • Seija -
  • Shinmyoumaru - Usable when you declare victory on a closed hand with at least 2 stock. Any yaku worth 1 to 3 han will have an additional 1 han added to it. This excludes tsumo, pinfu, riichi, double riichi, and ippatsu. Using this ability costs 2 stock.

Music CDs and Books[edit]

  • Sunny - During this hand, you will have riichi added on to a winning hand as long as it is closed. (You will receive ura-dora as well)
  • Luna - During this hand, you may call chii off any player, not just the one to your left. (Pon and kan will still override this)
  • Star - You will be able to see the wait of a player that has declared riichi. You will not be able to see waits if the player is in silent tenpai or called to reach tenpai.
  • Renko - For the rest of the hand, players' discard time is decreased to 4 seconds, and you will immediately steal 500 points per each stock that each other player has.
  • Mary - All abilities currently in effect are nullified. You also steal (current stock + number of nullified abilities) * 100 points from each player.
  • Akyuu - For three turns after activation, you will know the next six drawn tiles. (It is possible this will change based on other tile-manipulation abilities or calls)
  • Book-Reading Youkai (Tokiko) - Usable when you have at least 2 stock. For the rest of the hand, other players' ability gauges will not increase. Using this ability costs 2 stock.
  • Kasen -
  • Kosuzu - Returns the drawn tile to the wall and draws again.


  • Mima - Your hand in the next round will have 2 of one of the dragons. This fails occasionally.
  • Chiyuri - Usable on your first draw. Returns all honor tiles in your hand to the wall and draws an equivalent number of tiles.

Not in a filter[edit]

  • Kokoro - Usable on your first draw. Your opponents must discard their next two draws every time you call pon or open kan.

Stats screen[edit]

Match Record[edit]

  • Mode select: Network / Single Mode
  • Rule select: 4-Player / 3-Player
Normal Rules Score:                Highest Winning Hand           X Han
   Total                  +XXX     Yakuman Wins                       X
   Average               +X.XX
Aotenjou Rules Total:              Hand Win Percentage           XX.XX%
                         +XXXX     Deal In Percentage            XX.XX%
                                   Dora Usage Percentage           X.XX
Total Matches                X     Average Winning Hand Han        X.XX
First Place                  X
Second Place                 X     Riichi Percentage             XX.XX%
Third Place                  X     Tenpai Percentage             XX.XX%
Fourth Place                 X     Tsumo Win Percentage          XX.XX
Average Placement         X.XX
Victory Percentage       XX.XX%
Highest Victory Streak       X

Yaku Win Counts[edit]

  • This is a total of both CPU matches and network matches.
1 Han                 2 Han               3+ Han             Yakuman
 Riichi                Double Riichi       Ryanpeikou         Tenhou
 Ippatsu               Chiitoitsu          Hon'itsu           Chihou
 Menzen Tsumo          Chanta              Junchanta          Kokushi Musou
 Pinfu                 Sanshoku Doujun     Naki Chin'itsu     Suuankou
 Tanyaochuu            Ikkitsuukan         Chin'itsu          Daisangen
 Iipeikou              Toitoihou           Nagashi Mangan     Tsuuiisou
 Yakuhai               Naki Hon'itsu       Renhou             Ryuuiisou
 Naki Chanta           Naki Junchan                           Chinroutou
 Naki Sanshoku Doujun  Sanshoku Doukou                        Shousuushi
 Naki Ikkitsuukan      San'ankou                              Chuuren Poutou
 Haitei Mooyue (Tsumo) Sankatsu                               Paarenchan
 Haitei Raoyue (Ron)   Honroutou                              Suukantsu
 Rinshan Kaihou        Shousangen                             Suurenkou
 Kanchan               Sanrenkou                              Daisuushi (double?)
                                                              Suuankou Tanki (double?)
                                                              Junsei Chuuren Poutou (double?)
                                                              Kokushi 13-Men (double?)


  • User PR
  • First Step - Win either a hanchan or a tonpuusen.
  • Ability to Knock the Box Over - Gain first place by driving a player below zero points.
  •  ??? - Gain first place by driving two players below zero points.
  •  ??? - Gain first place by driving three players below zero points.
  •  ??? - Win a yakuman.
  •  ??? - Reach a paarenchan.
  •  ??? - Win a double yakuman.
  •  ??? - Choose Iku on a Saturday night. (kyaa~ iku-san~)
  • Solo Play - Play single mode.
  •  ??? - Play on every table in single mode.
  •  ??? - Connect to online matchmaking.
  •  ??? - Win an online game.
  •  ??? - Win ten online games.
  •  ??? - Win one hundred online games.
  •  ??? - Win two online games in a row.
  •  ??? - Win five online games in a row.
  •  ??? - Win ten online games in a row.
  •  ??? - Win a match without using your ability on a table that allows abilities.
  •  ??? - Win a hand on Normal Rules Table with at least 8 dora.
  •  ??? - Win a hand under Aotenjou rules worth at least 5,000,000 points.
  •  ??? - Come back to win in the final hand at a deficit of at least 24,000 points.
  •  ??? - Win twenty mangan hands.
  •  ??? - Win ten haneman hands.
  •  ??? - Win ten baiman hands.
  •  ??? - Win ten hands on naked single waits.
  •  ??? - Deal in 100 times.
  •  ??? - Stalemate 100 games.
  •  ??? - カン裏が乗った。
  •  ??? - Win a closed chin'itsu three times.
  •  ??? - Win ten san'ankou hands.
  •  ??? - Call 100 times.
  •  ??? - Declare Double Riichi 5 times.
  •  ??? - Deal into another player's riichi to give them ippatsu 5 times.
  •  ??? - Win 20 riichi ippatsu hands.
  •  ??? - Win 200 hands total.
  •  ??? - Win by kanchan.
  •  ??? - Win by haitei mooyue or raoyue 5 times.
  •  ??? - Win with at least 12 dora.
  • The Great Depression - Be at a 24,000 point deficit after just one hand.
  •  ??? - Call 50 kans.
  •  ??? - Win by rinshan kaihou.
  •  ??? - 他家のポン面子にカンドラを通算5度乗せてしまった。
  • Fortress Maiden - Don't deal in 20 hands in a row.
  •  ??? - Win 20 hands waiting for at least three tiles.
  • Shallow Victory - Take first place with 500 points or less between you and second place.
  • Yakitori - End a round without winning a single hand.
  •  ??? - A round ended where nobody ever declared a winning hand.
  •  ??? - Win each yaku at least once, excluding yakuman hands and renhou.
  •  ??? - Start the game 100 times.
  •  ??? - Win an ikkitsuukan once with each of the three suits.
  •  ??? - Increase your hand's value with at least 3 dora total from ura-dora and kan-ura-dora.
  •  ??? - Win 20 1-han hands.
  •  ??? - Do an online match with a custom PR phrase set.
  • It didn't pass after all! - A player called ron off the tile you placed when declaring riichi.
  •  ??? - Declare kan twice in a row in one hand.
  •  ??? - Achieve a kazoe-yakuman with no closed tsumo or ura-dora.
  •  ??? - Win with less than five discarded tiles.
  •  ??? - Win 10 chiitoitsu hands.
  •  ??? - Have a closed triplet of 7 in your hand.
  •  ??? - Encounter a situation where all four players declare riichi in an online match.
  •  ??? - Had a closed tenpai with less than 1000 points.
  • Three☆Strikes - Discard the same tile three times in a row.
  • Parallel Music - Change the BGM during a match.
  • Parallel Graphic - View the CG gallery mode.
  •  ??? - End a match using black tiles.
  • Spell Card Beginner - Use an ability in an online match.
  •  ??? - Use 100 abilities in online matches.
  •  ??? - Use 500 abilities in online matches.
  •  ??? - Play 10 online three-player matches.
  •  ??? - Play 100 online three-player matches.
  •  ??? - Play 500 online three-player matches.
  •  ??? - Play 1000 online three-player matches.
  •  ??? - Win a closed hon'itsu hand.
  •  ??? - Win a closed ikkitsuukan hand.
  •  ??? - Win a closed sanshoku doujun hand.
  •  ??? - Win a sanshoku doukou hand.
  •  ??? - Acquire all "~~ World" titles.
  • First, Study - Complete any training mode, regardless of grade.
  • The Basics are Everything - Answer all questions right in Training Mode on Easy.
  •  ??? - Answer all questions right in Training Mode on Normal.
  •  ??? - Answer all questions right in Training Mode on Hard.
  •  ??? - Answer all questions right in Training Mode on Lunatic.
  •  ??? - See Keine-sensei without her glasses.
  •  ??? - Have at least 3 status effects applied to you at once.
  • Games: One Hour a Day? - Start the game repeatedly.
  •  ??? - Input a serial key from Touhou Unreal Mahjong 3G.

Patch notes[edit]


  • Added Momiji (illustrated by Abu)
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Wakasagihime's ability settings to be strange
  • Fixed a bug where Akyu's ability was not lowering the turn count


  • [New Character] Added Wakasagihime (illustrated by Byakko)
  • [New Character] Added Benben (illustrated by Socha)
  • [New Character] Added Yatsuhashi (illustrated by Takana Shinno)
  • [New Character] Added Seija (illustrated by O-inari)
  • [New Character] Added Shinmyoumaru (illustrated by Tano)
  • Added Cirno (illustrated by Sakura Mochiko)
  • Added Sakuya (illustrated by Sui)
  • Added Letty (illustrated by Ugatsu Matsugi)
  • Added Youmu (illustrated by Izumi Beru)
  • Added Yamame (illustrated by Aoba Mizuki)
  • Added Yuugi (illustrated by Endoh Tatsumi)
  • Game engine updated to the latest version (removes memory leaks and file handle leaks, and fixes the bug where the frontmost window has a fixed size when going from full screen mode to windowed mode)
  • Fixed the bug where the telop wasn't being displayed for stalemates and 2-han minimums
  • Fixed the bug where certain windows were displaying in the wrong place
  • Updated the update checker
  • Fixed the problem where certain files would not get erased when uninstalling


  • Fixed the problem where Mima's ability wouldn't work correctly
  • Fixed the problem where an image in Training wasn't displaying correctly


  • Updated the game engine to 2.0. If you were unable to use full screen mode before, it will now automatically detect your scaling and full screen will work.
  • [New Character] Added Lily White (illustrated by 暮浦鶏太 and Satou Kibi)
  • [New Character] Added Mima (illustrated by Tani Takeshi)
  • Added Reimu (illustrated by Shiroi Hakuto)
  • Added Marisa (illustrated by Beni Shake)
  • Added Reisen (illustrated by Nochitashin)
  • Added Kokoro (illustrated by Crescent)
  • Added Kagerou (illustrated by Ero-mame)
  • Fixed Kagerou's character ability settings (it should have been increasing with your stock)
  • Fixed minor issues
  • Added new options to the options screen; ability to mark dora tiles when playing, option to turn down effects on the startup screen, now able to set BGM while in-game, various network-related settings


  • Fixed the problem where an error dialog would appear while waiting for a network match
  • Fixed the problem where Marybell's ability was incomplete
  • Adjusted Kokoro's ability
  • Added a function that displays "dora" above dora tiles (you can set this to on or off in the in-game options)


  • Fixed the bug where the client would freeze when displaying the results of an internet match


  • [New character] Added Kasen (illustrated by 快楽園梅香)
  • [New character] Added Book-reading Youkai (illustrated by 里村響)
  • Fixed abilities for Marybell, Renko, and Kokoro
  • Added a sound effect for entering network match lobbies
  • Fixed bugs


  • Fixed Kokoro's parameters; they were wrong
  • Fixed a problem where Kokoro's ability would cause an error


  • [New Character] Added Kokoro (illustrated by Shirogane Hina)
  • [New Character] Added Renko (illustrated by Pota.)
  • [New Character] Added Marybell (ilustrated by Pota.)
















   M2社製「E-mote Lite」を実装、及び慧音先生E-mote版を実装






   東方幻想麻雀4 役満速報 への通知が正しく動いていなかったバグの修正