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Test 1Test 2

Test of Module:Lyrics2 script for building lyrics articles, alternative for Module:Lyrics. Its wrapper is available at {{User:DennouNeko/LyricsWrapper}}.

16:53, 9 August 2013 (EST)
finished updating to current version of Scribunto, seems to be stable
  • Lyrics 1 - full list of all columns, lyrics_source test
  • Lyrics 2 - full list for romanized lyrics, missing translated lyrics, empty spaces at kanji
  • Lyrics 3 - only English, missing eng5
  • Lyrics 4 - missing romanized lyrics, odd rows in kanji, even rows in translated
  • Lyrics 5 - Transciption only (if song is waiting for romanization and translation), also 6 albums
  • Lyrics 6 - non-Japanese original text (lang test)
  • Test 1 - Dumping the result of parsing the song_info table
  • Test 2 - Test of non-ASCII characters in UTF-8 encoding
Modifications and finished tasks
  • Allows to skip any number of rows in any of the columns (doesn't require continuity of indexes in any of columns).
  • Automatic detection of columns and showing only those that have at least one row.
    The categories work a bit different now, but not sure if it's better or worse than before... Let me know if they should be reverted to original version.
  • Table with only one column doesn't occupy 100% of width (doesn't matter which column).
  • Cleanup and simplify the code a bit
  • Floating table with albums (max 3 images in row) and a lot simpler code thanks to that
  • New, optional parameter lang can change the display language of original text. Use 'none' to disable localization or any of the language codes, like in case of {{lang}} template. When not specified, the default is 'ja' for Japanese.
  • Automatic categorization for albums and groups (though this still may require some tweaks)
  • New, optional lyrics_source for adding the source of lyrics (position and display style may be changed later)
  • Album names below images (allow to disable it with parameter?)
  • Basic support for non-ASCII characters.
  • Extracting informations from song_info and adding {{h:title}} for title and a "notes: " below.
  • 12:40, 4 December 2012 (EST) - start of live testing
    • Minor security updates and small change of how the extra info is being displayed.