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User:Drunk Aya

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グレイグース (Grey Goose)
Drunk Aya
Also known as Filipino-Tengu


Notable from

All Anime Conventions in the Mid-Atlantic Region




Professional Slacker, Lazy Tengu, Alcoholic, Filipino

Other Contact Information

Who the hell is this drunkard

Thank you for calling Touhou Wiki, my name is Drunk Aya and I am an alcoholic. I typically do light edits to pages and assist with Mamizou and K as a public relations liaison assistant for Touhou Wiki in certain official circumstances. Most of those circumstances involve inter-wiki or community relationships. I am also the wiki's treasurer.

Wiki-wise, I am not an administrator. Or a bureaucrat. Or a steward. Or anyone particularly special. Unfortunately I would not be able to assist you with wiki related issues. However this wiki has highly trained and professional staff that can answer a wide variety of questions that you may have and would gladly be able to assist you for any questions. Please utilize the resources that TouhouWiki's staff has to offer.

I do hang out at the IRC. I am usually inebriated.

No really, who the hell are you?

Just call me Aya.

A Primer in Filipino-Tengu Behaviors