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User:Drunk Aya/Donations

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TouhouWiki is an operation of varying people across the country and around the world. This includes the actual servers that TouhouWiki runs under. Donations will be used for the upkeep of the servers and services of TouhouWiki. It is $80/month through linode to run and upkeep the servers. Excess amounts will be deposited with Linode to ensure financial uptime.

Excess Amounts

If we have at least a couple month's worth of lead cash time, we will also be pursuing things that TouhouWiki would like to have. These will all be related to the operation of TouhouWiki. No other use of the cash will be authorized.

The following projects are currently in effect:

  • An SSL certificate, end-to-end encryption, is one thing that is desired by the admins and a number of users. This allows secure browsing, submission, password security, and the like. Upon issuance, this will be part of our bills, paid once a year.

Payment Processing and Finance Policies

Currently we only have two payment processors: Payment via Paypal or we also accept bitcoin via coinbase.com. If for some reason you wish to give us amounts exceeding $500, you MUST contact User:Mamizou, User:K, AND User:Drunk_Aya as we may need to make alternative arrangements.

Approximately around the end of the month, appropriate amounts will be paid to Linode or other entities that need to be paid. Leftovers will be placed into a Navy Federal Credit Union savings account.

Donation Method Explanations


(temporarily disabled due to issues with the account ugh)

Virtual Cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, and DOGE)

Due to stability, only bitcoin is acceptable as it is done through a legitimate payment processor.


Payment via paypal is the only way possible at this time.

Other arrangements

E-mail me at [email protected] with the SUBJECT LINE "TouhouWiki Donation" for arrangements. That includes other cryptocurrencies or other liquid financial instruments. You may also find me in person at various anime and gaming conventions in the east coast.


The following transactions occurred (This is done in ledger format, deal with it). All amounts are in USD because Linode wants USD. Please note that the transcation ID will be the last 5 characters per transaction. Bitcoin is repatriated approximately at the 25th (or when the market is good).

Who is the money going to anyway?

Please see my userpage User:Drunk_Aya for who I am.