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About me

Hey, why did you click on me? That's intrusive, you know!

About me:

-Mains China and Yukari in TH 12.3 (UNL)
-Beaten every game except SA and UFO on Normal.
-Beaten Extra Mode on PCB.
-China fanboy.
-Poltergeist mansion fanboy.

My Youtube account is here.

Myself and others work on the Touhou M-1 Grand Prix and you can find the translated videos over there.

In my spare time I like applying my extremely novitiate translation skills to whatever strikes my fancy. Multilingualism is one of my goals in life. Aside from that, I enjoy spamming F6 on Recent Changes, browsing forums, procrastinating, and staring off into space and conjuring up epic spellcard names that I will never be able to replicate in Danmakufu.