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About me

Oh god, the picture to the right, why are you so big?

Well hello, many of you probably know me as haruhi57, on Pooshmler as Stickers, or on DA maroonmoon64.
I'm just some girl who loves Touhou. My favorite game is SA, just because of it's soundtrack and actual gameplay. Did I mention that I'm really into the music of Touhou? Especially the arranges, so you will probably will see me adding albums to the wiki. (Somebody has to make them)
I enjoy anime like Cowboy Bebop and Higurashi, and love videogames, but mostly on the PC, games like Cave Story, Lilian Fourhand, and Yume Nikki.
My favorite characters are Youmu, Rinnosuke, and Cirno.
My least favorite characters are Yukari, Sakuya, and Tewi. (Oh, please don't kill me.)

My favorite pages

Touhou Achievements

-Unlocked Extra mode in EoSD with Reimu B
-Unlocked Extra mode on Normal in IN with Scarlet Team
-Beaten PoFV with every character Easy-Hard mode. (except for Shiekeki and Komachi)
-Unlocked Extra mode in MoF with Marisa A
-Beating UFO on Easy mode. Seriously, why is that game so impossible.

I haven't really accomplished anything really, but I'm getting there. I guess.