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Welcome to My User Page 15:33 (UCT); Monday, 2023, February 6

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Welcome to the page of the nephew of the human encyclopedia
Book that holds the power of editing, show his power over the laity and offer the Hibiki Knowledge that accepted this mission! Edit!
ひびきノレジセクンヅス (Grey Goose)
Hibiki Knowledge Secundus
Also known as Magician Workaround Programmer

1997, June 22


Jandaia do Sul, PR, Brazil



Notable from

All Anime Conventions in state of São Paulo and Paraná, both in Brazil


Touhou Wiki
Touhou Brasil;


Workaround-oriented programmer
Touhou Brasil Amino's main Leader
Touhou Wiki pt's Bureaucrat


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Welcome to my page

What am I?

I am a user as any other Touhou Wiki, one of the most noobs who knows how to recover quickly and get away from the rifles of the errors (when being shot, get lucky to know magic or be immortal).

What's behind this page