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シンデレラケージ ~ Kagome-Kagome
Cinderella Cage~Kagome-Kagome

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Original Work

Imperishable Night

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Stage 5 theme

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Cinderella Cage ~ Kagome-Kagome (シンデレラケージ ~ Kagome-Kagome Shindererakēji) is the Stage 5 theme from Imperishable Night that was composed by ZUN.

Original Song[edit]

Sound file:

Loudspeaker.png Cinderella Cage~Kagome-Kagome.



Excerpt of Kagome-Kagome
First few measures of the main theme

The introduction of the song is a variation of the "Kagome" theme, which is based on the tune from the Japanese children's game Kagome Kagome, in E♭ minor. In gameplay, the song heralds the arrival of a lone rabbit who greets the player with a barrage of bullets. It then transitions to C minor and the main theme, which prominently features ZUN's trademark trumpets. The theme sounds slightly wistful, and it seems to invoke the traditional grandeur that represents Eientei as well as its owner. (Since ZUN stated the stage is based in Japanese horror, Eientei would be an ideal haunted house given the setting of the game.)

After the main theme is repeated, the song reprises the "Kagome" theme and switches back to E♭ minor, which is when the fight with Tewi Inaba begins. After the "Kagome" theme is repeated, it serves as countermelody to the main theme, first in E♭ minor, then in C minor, and finally climaxing in the key of C♯ minor, which is when the game segues into the conversation with Reisen and Eirin. It's interesting to note how the "Kagome" theme accompanies the arrival of rabbits. This association between Kagome Kagome and the rabbits is somewhat eerie, as if the rabbits are daring you to guess who is behind you while they try to ambush you in the dark corridors.

Composer/Arranger Comments[edit]

ZUN's Comments[edit]

Stage 5 theme
シンデレラケージ ~ Kagome-Kagome Cinderella Cage ~ Kagome-Kagome

5面のテーマです。 東洋風なのか西洋風なのか、古いのか新しいのかはっきりしない曲です。ボスもそんな感じ。でもステージ背景は和風ホラー風。 いつも曲にはテーマがありますが、この曲のテーマはかごめかごめ、つまり曲です。アレンジではなく曲のテーマを曲にする。 表現のテーマは檻に囚われてはいけないと思う。

This is the Stage 5 theme. Asian, Western, old, new-- This song isn't one or the other. The boss seems that way, too, but the stage itself is based in Japanese horror. Each song has a theme, but the theme of this one is simply Kagome Kagome. This song was created with no particular arrangement of theme. I didn't want to get caged in on a theme for this one.


This song is based on a Japanese children's game.

(Alternatively, this section could be called "Composer's Comments" if ZUN isn't the composer himself.)

Notable Arrangements[edit]