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A Disclaimer

No, my name does not come from a certain character in King of Fighters. No, my name does not come from a Bump of Chicken song featured in DrumMania. It doesn't come from whatever other single-letter characters there may be out there. It's simply an abbreviation of my first name, Keith.

What I Do Here

I tend to do template work and lyric romanization. Most of my focus is on the music section of this wiki, in fact. Feel free to contact me about music-related matters, although I am more easily reached on the #touhouwiki IRC channel on EsperNET. I am also an administrator here at Touhou Wiki, so feel free to ask me about any tasks that require a little bit more power than the average user is allowed.

Currently Working On...

Remember that these are all works in progress. Our work is never over.

Tasks Completed

Graveyarded/No Longer Necessary

  • Meddlesome Magician - This wonderfully hectic party game deserves to have some wiki articles dedicated to it. That is, once I actually start working on it. Character list will probably be the first priority.
    • LoliSauce put in a ton of work while I was being a lazy do-nothing! Props to him.
  • Category:Articles using outdated templates - Just a little note to myself and others to show exactly how many music pages are still using Template:Infobox Music. That template was updated a while ago to display a notice on each page to update them to use Template:MusicArticle instead, but it never added a category to such pages. Well, now there is one. From the looks of it, there are a lot. 550 of them. No surprise there. Either lots of people with way too much free time can bring these up to date, or a script could be made to do it.
    • Well, now it's only 3, and one of those is the outdated template itself. Thanks to Tsukihime and others for doing the heavy lifting.

What I Do Elsewhere

I am a member of the doujin fighting game community, Mizuumi. Am I any good at those games? Haha, no, I'm terrible in comparison to everyone else there. Additionally, I also play rhythm games (IIDX, pop'n music, jubeat, and StepMania nowadays), some FPSes, and some League of Legends and DotA2.