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There are 183 files on the German Touhou Wiki that:

  1. share names with files on the other wikis.
  2. are supposedly different images, according to their checksums. Visual confirmation may say otherwise, which is the purpose of this list.

All images are resized to 200px wide, so some smaller icon images may look pixelated.

WARNING: Very much not safe for dial-up modems.

Renamed and Reuploaded[edit]

Images in this table are notably different and have been reuploaded to pool under different names. Articles on de using them will have to be edited to reflect the naming changes. Images should be renamed to de_OriginalFileName.fileType.

32 images

Filename pool version de version
Alice.png 200px

Alice.png on pool

Alice.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Alice.png!

Chen.png 200px

Chen.png on pool

Chen.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Chen.png!

Cirno.png 200px

Cirno.png on pool

Cirno.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Cirno.png!

Eirin.png Th08EirinYagokoro.png

Eirin.png on pool

Eirin.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Eirin.png!

Kaguya.png 200px

Kaguya.png on pool

Kaguya.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Kaguya.png!

Kanako.png 200px

Kanako.png on pool

Kanako.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Kanako.png!

Keine.png 200px

Keine.png on pool

Keine.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Keine.png!

Komachi.png 200px

Komachi.png on pool

Komachi.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Komachi.png!

Marisa.png 200px

Marisa.png on pool

Marisa.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Marisa.png!

Meiling.png 200px

Meiling.png on pool

Meiling.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Meiling.png!

Mima.png 200px

Mima.png on pool

Mima.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Mima.png!

Nitori.png 200px

Nitori.png on pool

Nitori.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Nitori.png!

Okuu.png 200px

Okuu.png on pool

Okuu.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Okuu.png!

Patchouli.png 200px

Patchouli.png on pool

Patchouli.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Patchouli.png!

Ran.png Th07Ran.png

Ran.png on pool

Ran.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Ran.png!

Reimu.png 200px

Reimu.png on pool

Reimu.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Reimu.png!

Reisen.png 200px

Reisen.png on pool

Reisen.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Reisen.png!

Remilia.png 200px

Remilia.png on pool

Remilia.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Remilia.png!

Rin.png 200px

Rin.png on pool

Rin.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Rin.png!

Sakuya.png 200px

Sakuya.png on pool

Sakuya.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Sakuya.png!

Sanae.png 200px

Sanae.png on pool

Sanae.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Sanae.png!

Shikieiki.png 200px

Shikieiki.png on pool

Shikieiki.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Shikieiki.png!

Suwako.png 200px

Suwako.png on pool

Suwako.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Suwako.png!

Th03Mima.png Th03Mima.png

Th03Mima.png on pool

Th03Mima.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Th03Mima.png!

Th04Elly.png Th04Elly.png

Th04Elly.png on pool

Th04Elly.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Th04Elly.png!

Th05luize.png Th05luize.png

Th05luize.png on pool

Th05luize.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Th05luize.png!

Th05mai01.png Th05mai01.png

Th05mai01.png on pool

Th05mai01.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Th05mai01.png!

Th05marisa1.png Th05marisa1.png

Th05marisa1.png on pool

Th05marisa1.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Th05marisa1.png!

Youmu.png 200px

Youmu.png on pool

Youmu.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Youmu.png!

Yukari.png 200px

Yukari.png on pool

Yukari.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Yukari.png!

Yuugi.png 200px

Yuugi.png on pool

Yuugi.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Yuugi.png!

Yuyuko.png 200px

Yuyuko.png on pool

Yuyuko.png on de
Already uploaded to pool as de_Yuyuko.png!

Other Differing Images[edit]

If images in this table look the same, do note that they're technically different. Slightly different cropping, different compression, different dimensions, different sprite rip, etc. These images are of lower priority. Other images here that look different and are not significantly different are also low priority.

54 images

Filename pool version de version
Th06Flandre.png Th06Flandre.png

Th06Flandre.png on pool

Th06Flandre.png on de

Th06Marisa.png Th06Marisa.png

Th06Marisa.png on pool

Th06Marisa.png on de

Th06Meiling.png Th06Meiling.png

Th06Meiling.png on pool

Th06Meiling.png on de

Th07Alice.png Th07Alice.png

Th07Alice.png on pool

Th07Alice.png on de

Th07Letty.png Th07Letty.png

Th07Letty.png on pool

Th07Letty.png on de

Th07Marisa.png Th07Marisa.png

Th07Marisa.png on pool

Th07Marisa.png on de

Th07Reimu.png Th07Reimu.png

Th07Reimu.png on pool

Th07Reimu.png on de

Th07Sakuya1.png 200px

Th07Sakuya1.png on pool

Th07Sakuya1.png on de

Th07Youmu.png Th07Youmu.png

Th07Youmu.png on pool

Th07Youmu.png on de

Th08Reimu.png Th08Reimu.png

Th08Reimu.png on pool

Th08Reimu.png on de

Th09Lunasa.png Th09Lunasa.png

Th09Lunasa.png on pool

Th09Lunasa.png on de

Th09Lyrica.png Th09Lyrica.png

Th09Lyrica.png on pool

Th09Lyrica.png on de

Th09Merlin.png Th09Merlin.png

Th09Merlin.png on pool

Th09Merlin.png on de

Th105Alice.png Th105Alice.png

Th105Alice.png on pool

Th105Alice.png on de

Th105Aya.png Th105Aya.png

Th105Aya.png on pool

Th105Aya.png on de

Th105Iku.png Th105Iku.png

Th105Iku.png on pool

Th105Iku.png on de

Th105Marisa.png Th105Marisa.png

Th105Marisa.png on pool

Th105Marisa.png on de

Th105Patchouli.png Th105Patchouli.png

Th105Patchouli.png on pool

Th105Patchouli.png on de

Th105Reimu.png Th105Reimu.png

Th105Reimu.png on pool

Th105Reimu.png on de

Th105Reisen.png Th105Reisen.png

Th105Reisen.png on pool

Th105Reisen.png on de

Th105Remilia.png Th105Remilia.png

Th105Remilia.png on pool

Th105Remilia.png on de

Th105Sakuya.png Th105Sakuya.png

Th105Sakuya.png on pool

Th105Sakuya.png on de

Th105Tenshi.png Th105Tenshi.png

Th105Tenshi.png on pool

Th105Tenshi.png on de

Th105Youmu.png Th105Youmu.png

Th105Youmu.png on pool

Th105Youmu.png on de

Th105Yukari.png Th105Yukari.png

Th105Yukari.png on pool

Th105Yukari.png on de

Th10Aya.png Th10Aya.png

Th10Aya.png on pool

Th10Aya.png on de

Th10Hina.png Th10Hina.png

Th10Hina.png on pool

Th10Hina.png on de

Th10Marisa.png Th10Marisa.png

Th10Marisa.png on pool

Th10Marisa.png on de

Th10Nitori.png Th10Nitori.png

Th10Nitori.png on pool

Th10Nitori.png on de

Th10Reimu.png Th10Reimu.png

Th10Reimu.png on pool

Th10Reimu.png on de

Th10Sanae.png Th10Sanae.png

Th10Sanae.png on pool

Th10Sanae.png on de

Th10Suwako.png Th10Suwako.png

Th10Suwako.png on pool

Th10Suwako.png on de

Th11Koishi.png Th11Koishi.png

Th11Koishi.png on pool

Th11Koishi.png on de

Th11Marisa.png Th11Marisa.png

Th11Marisa.png on pool

Th11Marisa.png on de

Th123Cirno.png Th123Cirno.png

Th123Cirno.png on pool

Th123Cirno.png on de

Th123Meiling.png Th123Meiling.png

Th123Meiling.png on pool

Th123Meiling.png on de

Th123Sanae.png Th123Sanae.png

Th123Sanae.png on pool

Th123Sanae.png on de

Th123Suwako.png Th123Suwako.png

Th123Suwako.png on pool

Th123Suwako.png on de

Th123Utsuho.png Th123Utsuho.png

Th123Utsuho.png on pool

Th123Utsuho.png on de

Th128cover.jpg Th128cover.jpg

Th128cover.jpg on pool

Th128cover.jpg on de

Th12cover.jpg Th12cover.jpg

Th12cover.jpg on pool

Th12cover.jpg on de

Th12Kogasa.png Th12Kogasa.png

Th12Kogasa.png on pool

Th12Kogasa.png on de

Th12Nazrin2.png Th12Nazrin2.png

Th12Nazrin2.png on pool

Th12Nazrin2.png on de

Th12Nue.png Th12Nue.png

Th12Nue.png on pool

Th12Nue.png on de

Th12Reimu.png Th12Reimu.png

Th12Reimu.png on pool

Th12Reimu.png on de

Th12Unzan.png Th12Unzan.png

Th12Unzan.png on pool

Th12Unzan.png on de

Th13cover.jpg Th13cover.jpg

Th13cover.jpg on pool

Th13cover.jpg on de

Th13Futo.png Th13Futo.png

Th13Futo.png on pool

Th13Futo.png on de

Th13Kyouko.png Th13Kyouko.png

Th13Kyouko.png on pool

Th13Kyouko.png on de

Th13Mamizou.png Th13Mamizou.png

Th13Mamizou.png on pool

Th13Mamizou.png on de

Th13Marisa.png Th13Marisa.png

Th13Marisa.png on pool

Th13Marisa.png on de

Th13Reimu.png Th13Reimu.png

Th13Reimu.png on pool

Th13Reimu.png on de

Th13Youmu.png Th13Youmu.png

Th13Youmu.png on pool

Th13Youmu.png on de

Th13Yuyuko.png Th13Yuyuko.png

Th13Yuyuko.png on pool

Th13Yuyuko.png on de

False Positives[edit]

...and some images are actually the same, but with different checksums for some reason.

97 images

Filename pool version de version
AUSv4Mima.png AUSv4Mima.png

AUSv4Mima.png on pool

AUSv4Mima.png on de

BAiJRaya00.png BAiJRaya00.png

BAiJRaya00.png on pool

BAiJRaya00.png on de

Edit-copy_green.png Edit-copy green.png

Edit-copy_green.png on pool

Edit-copy_green.png on de

Icon_sh03.png Icon sh03.png

Icon_sh03.png on pool

Icon_sh03.png on de

Icon_th01.png Icon th01.png

Icon_th01.png on pool

Icon_th01.png on de

Icon_th02.png Icon th02.png

Icon_th02.png on pool

Icon_th02.png on de

Icon_th05.png Icon th05.png

Icon_th05.png on pool

Icon_th05.png on de

Icon_th06.png Icon th06.png

Icon_th06.png on pool

Icon_th06.png on de

Icon_th07.png Icon th07.png

Icon_th07.png on pool

Icon_th07.png on de

Icon_th08.png Icon th08.png

Icon_th08.png on pool

Icon_th08.png on de

Icon_th09.png Icon th09.png

Icon_th09.png on pool

Icon_th09.png on de

Icon_th095.png Icon th095.png

Icon_th095.png on pool

Icon_th095.png on de

Icon_th11.png Icon th11.png

Icon_th11.png on pool

Icon_th11.png on de

Icon_th12.png Icon th12.png

Icon_th12.png on pool

Icon_th12.png on de

Icon_th125.png Icon th125.png

Icon_th125.png on pool

Icon_th125.png on de

Icon_th128.png Icon th128.png

Icon_th128.png on pool

Icon_th128.png on de

Icon_th13.png Icon th13.png

Icon_th13.png on pool

Icon_th13.png on de

Ruins_of_Vina_bb.png Ruins of Vina bb.png

Ruins_of_Vina_bb.png on pool

Ruins_of_Vina_bb.png on de

Ruins_of_Vina_pb.png Ruins of Vina pb.png

Ruins_of_Vina_pb.png on pool

Ruins_of_Vina_pb.png on de

Sh01marisa01.png Sh01marisa01.png

Sh01marisa01.png on pool

Sh01marisa01.png on de

Template-info.png Template-info.png

Template-info.png on pool

Template-info.png on de

Th01Elis1.png Th01Elis1.png

Th01Elis1.png on pool

Th01Elis1.png on de

Th01Elis2.png Th01Elis2.png

Th01Elis2.png on pool

Th01Elis2.png on de

Th01Mima.png Th01Mima.png

Th01Mima.png on pool

Th01Mima.png on de

Th01Reimu.png Th01Reimu.png

Th01Reimu.png on pool

Th01Reimu.png on de

Th01Sariel1.png Th01Sariel1.png

Th01Sariel1.png on pool

Th01Sariel1.png on de

Th01Sariel2.png Th01Sariel2.png

Th01Sariel2.png on pool

Th01Sariel2.png on de

Th01Shingyoku.png Th01Shingyoku.png

Th01Shingyoku.png on pool

Th01Shingyoku.png on de

Th02EvilEyeSigma.png Th02EvilEyeSigma.png

Th02EvilEyeSigma.png on pool

Th02EvilEyeSigma.png on de

Th02FiveMagicStones1.png Th02FiveMagicStones1.png

Th02FiveMagicStones1.png on pool

Th02FiveMagicStones1.png on de

Th02FlowerTank.png Th02FlowerTank.png

Th02FlowerTank.png on pool

Th02FlowerTank.png on de

Th02marisa.png Th02marisa.png

Th02marisa.png on pool

Th02marisa.png on de

Th02meira.png Th02meira.png

Th02meira.png on pool

Th02meira.png on de

Th02mima.png Th02mima.png

Th02mima.png on pool

Th02mima.png on de

Th02Reimu.png Th02Reimu.png

Th02Reimu.png on pool

Th02Reimu.png on de

Th02Rika.png Th02Rika.png

Th02Rika.png on pool

Th02Rika.png on de

Th02Rika2.png Th02Rika2.png

Th02Rika2.png on pool

Th02Rika2.png on de

Th02Stage1Midboss.png Th02Stage1Midboss.png

Th02Stage1Midboss.png on pool

Th02Stage1Midboss.png on de

Th02Stage2Midboss.png Th02Stage2Midboss.png

Th02Stage2Midboss.png on pool

Th02Stage2Midboss.png on de

Th02Stage3Midboss.png Th02Stage3Midboss.png

Th02Stage3Midboss.png on pool

Th02Stage3Midboss.png on de

Th02Stage4Midboss.png Th02Stage4Midboss.png

Th02Stage4Midboss.png on pool

Th02Stage4Midboss.png on de

Th03Ellen.png Th03Ellen.png

Th03Ellen.png on pool

Th03Ellen.png on de

Th03EllenAlt.png Th03EllenAlt.png

Th03EllenAlt.png on pool

Th03EllenAlt.png on de

Th03Kotohime.png Th03Kotohime.png

Th03Kotohime.png on pool

Th03Kotohime.png on de

Th03marisaalt.png 200px

Th03marisaalt.png on pool

Th03marisaalt.png on de

Th03MimaAlt.png Th03MimaAlt.png

Th03MimaAlt.png on pool

Th03MimaAlt.png on de

Th03Reimu.png Th03Reimu.png

Th03Reimu.png on pool

Th03Reimu.png on de

Th03ReimuAlt.png Th03ReimuAlt.png

Th03ReimuAlt.png on pool

Th03ReimuAlt.png on de

Th03Sokrates.png Th03Sokrates.png

Th03Sokrates.png on pool

Th03Sokrates.png on de

Th03Yumemi.png Th03Yumemi.png

Th03Yumemi.png on pool

Th03Yumemi.png on de

Th03YumemiAlt.png Th03YumemiAlt.png

Th03YumemiAlt.png on pool

Th03YumemiAlt.png on de

Th04DreamWorld.png Th04DreamWorld.png

Th04DreamWorld.png on pool

Th04DreamWorld.png on de

Th04gengetu.png Th04gengetu.png

Th04gengetu.png on pool

Th04gengetu.png on de

Th04marisa.png Th04marisa.png

Th04marisa.png on pool

Th04marisa.png on de

Th04Reimu.png Th04Reimu.png

Th04Reimu.png on pool

Th04Reimu.png on de

Th04UnnamedDreamWorld.png Th04UnnamedDreamWorld.png

Th04UnnamedDreamWorld.png on pool

Th04UnnamedDreamWorld.png on de

Th05alice2.png Th05alice2.png

Th05alice2.png on pool

Th05alice2.png on de

TH05aliceB3.png TH05aliceB3.png

TH05aliceB3.png on pool

TH05aliceB3.png on de

Th05cover.jpg Th05cover.jpg

Th05cover.jpg on pool

Th05cover.jpg on de

Th05MakaiBurning.png Th05MakaiBurning.png

Th05MakaiBurning.png on pool

Th05MakaiBurning.png on de

Th05mima2.png Th05mima2.png

Th05mima2.png on pool

Th05mima2.png on de

Th05Reimu.png Th05Reimu.png

Th05Reimu.png on pool

Th05Reimu.png on de

Th05Wonderland.png Th05Wonderland.png

Th05Wonderland.png on pool

Th05Wonderland.png on de

Th06Koakuma.png Th06Koakuma.png

Th06Koakuma.png on pool

Th06Koakuma.png on de

Th06Reimu.png Th06Reimu.png

Th06Reimu.png on pool

Th06Reimu.png on de

Th06Remilia.png Th06Remilia.png

Th06Remilia.png on pool

Th06Remilia.png on de

Th06Rumia.png Th06Rumia.png

Th06Rumia.png on pool

Th06Rumia.png on de

Th06Sakuya.png Th06Sakuya.png

Th06Sakuya.png on pool

Th06Sakuya.png on de

Th075alice01.png Th075alice01.png

Th075alice01.png on pool

Th075alice01.png on de

Th075remilia01.png Th075remilia01.png

Th075remilia01.png on pool

Th075remilia01.png on de

Th075yukari01.png Th075yukari01.png

Th075yukari01.png on pool

Th075yukari01.png on de

Th07Chen.png Th07Chen.png

Th07Chen.png on pool

Th07Chen.png on de

Th07Cirno.png Th07Cirno.png

Th07Cirno.png on pool

Th07Cirno.png on de

Th07Sakuya2.png Th07Sakuya2.png

Th07Sakuya2.png on pool

Th07Sakuya2.png on de

Th08AliceMargatroid.png Th08AliceMargatroid.png

Th08AliceMargatroid.png on pool

Th08AliceMargatroid.png on de

Th08marisa02.png Th08marisa02.png

Th08marisa02.png on pool

Th08marisa02.png on de

Th08YukariYakumo.png Th08Yukari.png

Th08YukariYakumo.png on pool

Th08YukariYakumo.png on de

Th08YuyukoSaigyouji.png Th08YuyukoSaigyouji.png

Th08YuyukoSaigyouji.png on pool

Th08YuyukoSaigyouji.png on de

Th09Cirno.png Th09Cirno.png

Th09Cirno.png on pool

Th09Cirno.png on de

Th09KomachiOnozuka.png Th09KomachiOnozuka.png

Th09KomachiOnozuka.png on pool

Th09KomachiOnozuka.png on de

Th09MystiaLorelei.png Th09MystiaLorelei.png

Th09MystiaLorelei.png on pool

Th09MystiaLorelei.png on de

Th09Reimu.png Th09Reimu.png

Th09Reimu.png on pool

Th09Reimu.png on de

Th10Momizi01.png 200px

Th10Momizi01.png on pool

Th10Momizi01.png on de

Th11Kisume.png Th11Kisume.png

Th11Kisume.png on pool

Th11Kisume.png on de

Th11Parsee.png Th11Parsee.png

Th11Parsee.png on pool

Th11Parsee.png on de

Th11Reimu.png Th11Reimu.png

Th11Reimu.png on pool

Th11Reimu.png on de

Th11Rin.png Th11Rin.png

Th11Rin.png on pool

Th11Rin.png on de

Th11Satori.png Th11Satori.png

Th11Satori.png on pool

Th11Satori.png on de

Th11Yamame.png Th11Yamame.png

Th11Yamame.png on pool

Th11Yamame.png on de

Th11Yuugi.png Th11Yuugi.png

Th11Yuugi.png on pool

Th11Yuugi.png on de

Th123_marisa-ellen.png Th123 marisa-ellen.png

Th123_marisa-ellen.png on pool

Th123_marisa-ellen.png on de

Th125Aya.png Th125Aya.png

Th125Aya.png on pool

Th125Aya.png on de

Th128Cirno.png Th128Cirno.png

Th128Cirno.png on pool

Th128Cirno.png on de

Th128Daiyousei.png Th128Daiyousei.png

Th128Daiyousei.png on pool

Th128Daiyousei.png on de

Th12AboveHokkai.png Th12AboveHokkai.png

Th12AboveHokkai.png on pool

Th12AboveHokkai.png on de

Th12Marisa.png Th12Marisa.png

Th12Marisa.png on pool

Th12Marisa.png on de

Th12Sanae.png Th12Sanae.png

Th12Sanae.png on pool

Th12Sanae.png on de