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General Information[edit]

Hi, I'm Karisa, Touhou scorer, co-founder of Maidens of the Kaleidoscope v3.

I've learned to score in most main series Touhou games. I made some clarifications/additions to their gameplay articles here many years ago, but I haven't been contributing much since then. Still, at least I try to keep this user page updated?

Notable scores[edit]

Last updated 2020-2-21.


Imperishable Night[edit]

Mountain of Faith[edit]

Subterranean Animism[edit]

Ten Desires[edit]

Double Dealing Character[edit]

Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom[edit]

Wily Beast and Weakest Creature[edit]


Highly Responsive to Prayers[edit]

Story of Eastern Wonderland[edit]

Not that former WRs have much meaning in such an unplayed game.

Lotus Land Story[edit]

Mystic Square[edit]

Fan games[edit]

Suwapyon 2012 (Suwako-chan Cubic)[edit]

  • Very Easy SuwakoB 5,019,363
  • Easy SuwakoB 6,666,799

Shining Shooting Star[edit]

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