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Kristopher McKenzie
Also known as Karob
Is this what I look like?
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Hello. I'm just your friendly neighborhood Touhou fan. I hope that I can make positive contributions to this wonderful wiki. My favorite Touhou Project character is Youmu Konpaku. I look forward to working with you.

This article is a stub. Bahaha.


Nobody really knows anything. We're all just trying to make sense of this impossible thing we call reality. All we really want is a sense of belonging and purpose.


I hold a degree in Mechanical Engineering but due to rising psychological issues I have had to discontinue engineering pursuits. Presently I am seeking a job that will not be overly strenuous to my fragile mind.


I obsess over my hobbies. They are the most important part of my life. I aim to eventually participate in the production of creative media such as animation and video games.

Computer Programming[edit]

Some time around 1999 I started studying computer programming. It became my obsession. For many years it was my primary free-time activity, until in 2013 when I succumbed to psychological distress and temporarily gave up computer programming as a hobby. I have slowly been reintroducing myself to it and have begun working on generic game programming with C++ and OpenGL to prepare myself for possible future projects. I have also resumed maintaining my "Minecraft mod". Unfortunately at this time I have no works to publicly showcase other than the Minecraft mod.

Primary Languages Studied
  • C++
  • Java

Music Composition[edit]

My musical history is rather off-and-on. I practiced recorder and Western concert flute from 1998 to 2004, at which point I shifted my emphasis to tinwhistles. In 2006 I started college and gained regular access to piano, and I took full advantage of that privilege. Around this time I also purchased a mountain dulcimer and began to lull myself with it on sleepless nights. I do not consider myself particularly skilled in any instrument but I am most proficient with tinwhistles.

All throughout this time of practicing musical instruments, I also practiced transferring my simple compositions from my mind to some form of notation on paper or computer. I began composing midis, then working with sequencers. Over time this led to my introduction to Linux Multimedia Studio (, a free sequencer that is built for Linux as well as Windows. Today, though I still practice playing musical instruments, my primary music work is entirely on the computer. I am still quite young in the world of sequenced music and have not invested in an array of professional software (or supporting hardware) yet.

I do hope to soon achieve high enough quality of composition and production to provide music for others' creative works. You can listen to some of my best recent compositions on my SoundCloud page:

Story Writing[edit]

Throughout my life I always felt like I would be okay as long as I had a notebook and a writing utensil. Now that I am out of college I have found time again to practice writing. I have been studying many different stories that have appreciable plots or writing styles to try to help me improve my own writing. Presently my skill is still low enough that I dare not share my feeble attempts at creative writing. :)


I do not understand why I still pursue drawing as a hobby as it is almost always very frustrating and stressful for me. However, I am pleased with the results even if I have not reached satisfactory quality yet. I upload some of my more interesting traditional and digital artworks to my deviantART page:

Relation to Touhou[edit]

  1. A friend composed a remix of the Towers of Hokkai theme and released it on March the 5th, 2014.
  2. I then looked up the original to compare.
  3. I wished to know what this "Tower" of "Hokkai" was, and querying that led me to this wiki.
  4. I then became lost among the characters and lore of this wonderful world centered around Gensokyo.
  5. Naturally, I became interested in the games and manga (and fanworks).

And now here I am. A 100% certified Touhou fan.