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About me

The main contributions I bring are: TL consistency, Spell Card pages. If I feel up to the task then I may do SC pics. I may also do miscellaneous tasks.

Tasks List

Touhou Epic


Update RSO wordings.

Touhou Epic

/Touhou Epic

I'm the main person in charge of the English patch for the Touhou Epic mod for CivIV BTS. What do I do? Mostly XML edits in /Text/ and any necessary Python edits to get English text in there, as well as quality control. This includes fixing minor XML bugs left in the Japanese release. I also do other misc jobs if necessary such as /Font/ edits and examining code for possible solutions to bugs. I also handle minor translations (such as SC names).

Moonspeaking Fairy (Pooshlmer) contributed the majority of translations up to the trial versions of 1.13, including any emails I sent to/received from Souha. Deranged!4iK2jnmHOw is currently the main person for translations.

Any questions/comments/etc. regarding the mod can be either left on my Talk Page, Talk Pages of Touhou Epic, or on the current Touhou Epic thread on Pooshlmer, as long as I can see it.

Documentation regarding copyrights can be seen here.



Touhou MtG

I have also worked on Touhou Magic: the Gathering cards, under the pseudonym Nameless Faerie (because in MtG, fairies are faeries). The block has undergone many iterations and revisions. Currently, it is organized into 249/145/145 (+145 as necessary). Anybody interested can ask on my Talk page.

Touhou Flags

Bored and inspired by others making Touhou flags, I decided to make some one.



Flag of Patchouli Knowledge

A flag charged with an emblem with Patchouli's crescent and five-sided crystal, with a royal flare in the background.
Gyronny of fourteen Argent and Purpure, at nombril point, a rondel Argent surmounted with a pentagon Purpure, itself charged with a crescent bendwise Or.
Download v1.1

<toggledisplay showtext="Show Update Log" hidetext="Hide Update Log">

v1.1 - Replaced pentagon with a more accurate custom svg/ovr, and updated image files. Added emblems and flag files.
v1.0 - Created flag


Touhou Strategy ~ LotusCraft ~


It just so happens Toust sounds like, well, toast. I will be doing some minor TL work based on what's written on the wiki and keeping track of it here.

Stellaris Mod

There seems to be a total conversion mod called Touhou Star Drive (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=782574230&searchtext=touhou) that is not too dissimilar to Touhou Epic. Proof-of-concept testing suggests it's possible to translate it, but it would require translator manpower. Anyone interested in translating the mod (both actual translating, and game modding) can leave a note on my talk page, as I'm unwilling to do this alone.

Rumbling Spell Orchestra

/Rumbling Spell Orchestra

I helped maintain the RSO card list on this wiki a while back.

I also wrote some stuff back then. Check the above link.

Also, I dabbled a bit into some Seiga/Yoshika OC, [1]

My contributions


Sandboxes and Testing

My favorite pages

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