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Also known as "Some weirdo's flooding recent changes!"
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June 30, 1995 (1995-06-30) (age 28)


United States




Lyrics page lurker

About me

Hi! I'm Bruja. My favorite groups are Demetori, Foreground Eclipse, Sally, Syrufit, Alstroemeria Records, EastNewSound, Buta-Otome, and UNDEAD CORPORATION. My favorite lyricists are ゆよゆっぺ, くまりす, Haruka, and RD-Sounds. You'll probably find most of my edits to be to their pages, since I do transcriptions for songs and albums that I like. I tend to drift around, so if I've started an album's transcription and stop midway, I'll most likely be back by the end of the world to finish it. Maybe. I'm extremely whimsical with my to-do list.

I'll be using Arknarok's romanization guide as the basis for my transcriptions.

All of my edits are made in good heart – that's pretty much why I'm here, anyway. If I'm not following a code properly, please tell me about it as I will most certainly continue to break it until I'm told, "Hey, hey man, slow down." Thanks.

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To-do list

ビョウ by サリー
手のひらピアニッシモ by 幽閉サテライト
Θで突き刺して by 幽閉サテライト
ウィロウ by AdamKadmon
Shooting Snow 2012 by ふぉれすとぴれお
Everything by 凋叶棕
Everything by kairo

Aria of Innocence by hatsunetsumiko's
Major Ignition by
by RD-Sounds
by RD-Sounds
Seated with Liquor by Foreground Eclipse & Draw the Emotional
Over Drive by ALiCE'S EMOTiON
残響、彼岸過迄。 by A-HEAD

MisteryCircle in general, but especially filling this link.
鬼伽草子 by UNDEAD CORPORATION for when I'm feeling dangerous.
Fill out a few Syrufit links.
Fix up some of the translations on サドマゾヒズム to sound more natural.
Fill the red links on シンドローム.
Fill red links for RD-Sounds.