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nue best

starting playing touhou february 7, 2019

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Touhou Completion Status[edit]

my sorta up to date touhou status even though im pretty bad

* means that I exploited a glitch

january 2 2020 was a pretty good touhou day, got a hsifs 1cc (which i thought id never get) and a mof nm, yet feburary 2 2020 was :put_litter_in_its_place: oh and first hard 1cc in td march 12 2020 and wbawc normal 1cc so 🎑🏛🏦🍏😳


TH01 - no
TH02 - woah this game SUCKS
TH03 - no
TH04 - easy NM (MarisaB), normal 1cc (ReimuB), extra clear (ReimuB)
TH05 - normal 1cc (Mima)


TH06 - easy NMNB (MarisaB), normal 1cc (all), hard 2cc (ReimuB)
TH07 - normal 1cc (SakuyaA, ReimuB, MarisaB, ReimuA)
TH08 - easy 1cc (Border Team, Magic Team), hard 2cc (Border Team)
TH09 - extra clear (Tewi, Reimu)
TH10 - easy nm (ReimuB), easy 1cc (ReimuB, MarisaB*), normal 1cc (ReimuB, MarisaB*), extra clear (MarisaB*)
TH11 - easy 1cc (ReimuA)
TH12 - normal 1cc (ReimuB)
TH13 - normal 1cc (Reimu, Marisa), hard 1cc (Reimu)
TH14 - normal 1cc (SakuyaA)
TH15 - pointdevice easy clear (Reisen, Sanae)
TH16 - easy 1cc (MarisaW), normal 1cc (MarisaW)
TH17 - easy 1cc (ReimuWolf, MarisaEagle), normal 1cc (MarisaEagle)


Concealed the Conclusion - easy 1cc (all???), normal 1cc (MarisaA, MarisaB)
Frantically Forbidden Fruit - normal 1cc (allP), hard 1cc (MarisaP), lunatic 1cc (SanaeP, YuukaP), extra clear (SanaeP, YuukaP), harvest clear (SanaeP, YuukaP)
Hollow Song of Birds - normal 1cc(ReimuRed), hard 2cc(MarisaRed), lunatic 10cc ayy(MarisaRed), extra easy clear(ReimuRedOrange), extra clear(ReimuRedYellow)
Shining Shooting Star - normal 1cc(Reimu, Koishi)
Fantastic Danmaku Festival - normal 1cc (all)
Fantastic Danmaku Festival 2 - normal 1cc (all), extra clear (Marisa), phantasm clear (Marisa)
Ephemeral Unnatural Balance - easy 1cc (all), easy dissonant 1cc (Kasen), normal 1cc (all), normal dissonant 1cc (Rin)

Other STGs[edit]


Evanescent Existence - light easy 1cc (all), easy extra clear (not Suzumi)

QP Shooting[edit]



Gun Bullet Children - why
Vampire REX - why
Jade Penetrate Black - why