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About me[edit]

Hoi, I'm towel. I'm a Touhou enthousiast, essentially. I discovered Touhou around Summer 2017 and I just keep loving it more and more. I've played most of the games and got a bunch of (normal) 1ccs, but I don't actually play them too often. If anything, I mostly play fangames and listen to (way too many) Touhou remixes. I'm also a big fan of Aya and Iku, not exactly sure why. There is just something about those two. Oh but Kosuzu is sooo cute too, nyaaa she's amazing

Okay sure but what are you doing here[edit]

I am mostly working on the French Touhou Wiki. It is a little dry, so I'm doing my best to fill it. I am currently (June 2022) working mostly on AFiEU and Character pages and their associated locations. And uh... You can find me Discord I guess (Lit towel#7569), feel free to dm me.