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射命丸 霖之助
LittleSweetLoli / クレトン

Artist of Many Talents
More Character Titles


Human / Tengu


Sleep all day, drinking beer, sometimes doing something creative


Born in 1987


Musician, Administrator, Artist of Many Talents


Sosnowiec, Poland / Youkai Mountain, Gensokyo

Music Themes

Littl:3 and Cut:3 (Melody for That Girl)

Miscellaneous Works

Kreton (クレトン) is the creator of and Loli-Hunter Music websites. He is also the one who gathered and organized Polish fandom of Touhou, with him and his crew promoting the series at numerous Polish anime conventions. Active since 2006. Known also for his music arranges and albums such as Girls Lost in Time and Bring Back the '98! and many original works.


Kreton's real name is unknown. He usually calls himself Rinnosuke Shamimaru (射命丸 霖之助 Shameimaru Rinnosuke). He's also know by numerous nicknames like LittleSweetLoli, CrowCalledWindgirl and Flan-chan. He uses his name in Japanese - クレトン for Touhou music arranges. Kreton previously used nicknames like Świętek, ACY, Uno2000 and Nemesis.


Kreton rarely shows himself anywhere. On his pictures usually wears different kinds of masks, administrator shirt and cap with ID attached to it.


Kreton's favorite game is Imperishable Night. For non-touhou games, he like doujin games overall but especially danmaku shooters. For non-doujin games, Kreton likes FPS, RTS and RPG games. He usually plays on PC or PS2, but also he have NDS. He isn't only player. Kreton works on his visual novels games.


Kreton's favorite genre is hardcore techno and similar styles. He start making his own music in 2002 using Dance E-Jay 2 but stop soon after leaving blank note up to 2007. In 2007 Kreton start to experimenting with ModPlugTracker but without any mentionable works (some tracks appear on 「HDV」 Hardstyle-D-Vision). At end of 2008, thanks to Shingo DJ, Kreton gets used to FL Studio and he work on music on this one. Kreton use different names for his music, that depends on music style.

  • Kreton - Main name. There's no style for this name. Most mentionable tracks: Calling You (Instrumental) and MaluCon Anthem (Original Mix).
  • LittleSweetLoli - Alternative name. Used for Happy Hardcore & Makina styles. Most mentionable tracks: Littl:3 and Cut:3 (Melody for that Girl).
  • Flan-chan' - Used for Hardstyle & Experimental styles. Most mentionable tracks: Eternal Sound.
  • CrowCalledWindgirl - Used for Speedcore, Noisecore, Saddistic Hardcore and similar styles. Most mentionable tracks: Rika (I'LL NIPAH YOUR ASS MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!1111oneoneone).
  • クレトン - Same as Kreton but used only for Touhou arranges. Most mentionable tracks: Heart-shaped Bullets (Happy Hardcore Remix), Last 53 minutes (Night Sky Edit), 清純宝 (ZONA mix), [email protected]

Kreton runs his net label called Loli-Hunter Music. He works with musicians like WK9, Ottiki, Malicent, Babbe and others.


Aya Shameimaru (Favorite Character)

Additional Information[edit]

  • Kreton is big fan of cosplays and has quite collection of cosplay sets.
  • He is musician specialized mostly in arranges because he can't read notes... But he still have some original works.
  • Since 2005, Kreton made few AnimeMusicVideo. He's works can be found on YouTube and AnimeMusicVideos.
  • Kreton is also a writer-amateur. Mostly know for works Lesson of Happiness ~The Story of Forbidden Love~, Battle R0yale (Battle Royale Zero) and his recent work The World Ends With You. Some text can be found on Forum but, only in Polish language.
  • Kreton is fan of MikuMikuDance. He also works on some videos with this software.
  • He's favorite quotes are "Higher you graze counts, bigger your pen is" and "When life gives you pencils, take them and draw flower on it's ass".


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