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About me


MediaWiki hacking

Actually I dont know much about MediaWiki, even the php.

However, I ensure I am enough to find out whats going on in the skin system.

Here is a page of my invent. However, it is written in Chinese.

MediaWiki 的 skin 研究

Oh yes, the documentation in the MediaWiki suck.

Association of Internet Lover (AoIL)

  • Try to avoid loving it. U can love it just because of no choices. For example, you have no credit card, no body can ship one to you, u are not in japan, etc.
  • When u are talking about "Internet loving" in public domain, you can only say things such as "Internet loving", no others. ANONYMOUS DOES NOT FORGIVE
  • U should know that u r evil: stealing from others.
  • Give the money back to the author, as soon as possible.
  • THIS ASSociation SUCK.

How many ppl love the internet?

Search "Internet love" in the forum ^_^"

My Touhou collection

Th095 low score challenge

Oh yes... Getting high score is difficult... But getting low score is also not easy task!!!

In order to get zero score photo, your photo should match the following requirements:

  • No bullet ( otherwise you will get score from bullet )
  • Have the boss ( otherwise the picture will not count )
  • Have yourself ( otherwise you will get Solo bonus )

Here are the tips:

  • Get close to the boss, so you can have yourself in the photo.
  • Press shot button longer to make the picture small, to avoid taking bullet.
  • When using photo to remove bullet, avoid taking the boss also.