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About me[edit]


MediaWiki hacking[edit]

Actually I dont know much about MediaWiki, even the php.

However, I ensure I am enough to find out whats going on in the skin system.

Here is a page of my invent. However, it is written in Chinese.

MediaWiki 的 skin 研究

Oh yes, the documentation in the MediaWiki suck.

Association of Internet Lover (AoIL)[edit]

  • Try to avoid loving it. U can love it just because of no choices. For example, you have no credit card, no body can ship one to you, u are not in japan, etc.
  • When u are talking about "Internet loving" in public domain, you can only say things such as "Internet loving", no others. ANONYMOUS DOES NOT FORGIVE
  • U should know that u r evil: stealing from others.
  • Give the money back to the author, as soon as possible.
  • THIS ASSociation SUCK.

How many ppl love the internet?[edit]

Search "Internet love" in the forum ^_^"

My Touhou collection[edit]

Th095 low score challenge[edit]

Oh yes... Getting high score is difficult... But getting low score is also not easy task!!!

In order to get zero score photo, your photo should match the following requirements:

  • No bullet ( otherwise you will get score from bullet )
  • Have the boss ( otherwise the picture will not count )
  • Have yourself ( otherwise you will get Solo bonus )

Here are the tips:

  • Get close to the boss, so you can have yourself in the photo.
  • Press shot button longer to make the picture small, to avoid taking bullet.
  • When using photo to remove bullet, avoid taking the boss also.