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Also known as Fate88, Miya

Germany, NRW




student, hobby scanlator


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About me

Doujin music addict and scanlator (Yuri, Touhou and KanColle). Favorite genres: Electronic/Trance/J-core.
EastNewSound, Halozy, LiLA'c Records, Sprite Recordings and Electro.muster are my favorite circles and I like himmel, DJ Noriken, Plutian, KOBATYU and Irus the most.

On a side note: I got permission by kafka-fuura, Jaefine (Mirror of Paranoia) and Veto to add their lyrics to this wiki as long as we give them as the source. So you can add them without having a bad conscience.

Anyways, if you have to contact me urgently, please leave a message on my blog or on twitter. Thanks.

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