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User:Maiden in Orange

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Maiden in Orange



Struggling Student, Fanfic Writer


AO3, Tumblr

Maiden in Orange ('Maiden' or 'Orange') is a person dedicated to the preservation of Touhou Doujin lyrics, both translated and otherwise (though mostly translated). When not busy on the wiki, she is a veteran (if very self-conscious and sporadic) fanfic writer currently writing for sister series Len'en Projectand for her own original works,though she writes for other fandoms,Touhou included,too.

Notably, Maiden's dream is to become a Japanese translator. As a result, she has been self-teaching herself Japanese, and is currently at around the N5 level. She is not at the level to actually be a full blown translator for anything related to Touhou yet (both canon and fanmade), but she hopes to one day become a translator on this wiki.

Favorite Circles: Diao ye Zong, Akatsuki Records, Alstroemeria Records

My Sandbox of various thingys

Current Projects:

• Taking a look at some of the missing circles and their albums on the archive page.
• Adding lyrics pages if found.
• Adding missing translations if found.

Eventual Projects:

• Looking into doujin printwork possibilities for cataloging better. (Maybe)
• Possibly attempting translation work for some of the songs I like if they aren't too difficult? (???)