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User:Mami/Music Dev/Mdrv2/Md2cmd

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Mdrv2 System MMLマニュアル Ver.1.0
for X1/turbo,MZ-2500,PC-88/98,X68000
94/01/17 v.3.4F by Regulus

Mdrv2 System MML Manual Ver.1.0
for X1/turbo,MZ-2500,PC-88/98,X68000
94/01/17 v.3.4F by Regulus

トライデントシステムマニュアル Ver.1.2

for X1/turbo,MZ-2500,PC-88/98,X68000
90/06/10 by Regulus
92/01/17 by Regulus

for PC-9801 series & PC-88VA series
93/04/11 by Regulus

Trident Systems Manual Ver.1.2

for X1/turbo,MZ-2500,PC-88/98,X68000
90/06/10 by Regulus
92/01/17 by Regulus

for PC-9801 series & PC-88VA series
93/04/11 by Regulus

1 システムの内容 1 System Contents
1.1 システムの動作環境


98で対応するFM音源はPC-9801-26K相当品 *1(内蔵含む)か、スピークボード *2、音美ちゃん *3、PC-9801-86相当品 *4(9821内蔵含む)で演奏可能です。

8VAでは、内蔵サウンドボード *5または、サウンドボード2 *6(内蔵含む)で演奏可能です。

サウンドボード2/スピークボード使用時には FM*6+SSG*3+RHYTHM*6+PCM、音美ちゃん使用時には、FM*12+SSG*3+RHYTHM*6+PCM、98DO+または、PC-9801-86ではFM*6+SSG*3+RHYTHM*6、その他の音源では FM*3+SSG*3 で演奏可能です。

  • 1 以後、OPNと呼びます。
  • 2 以後、OPNAと呼びます。
  • 3 以後、OPNA+OPN2と呼びます。
  • 4 以後、OPNA-PCMと呼びます。
  • 5 以後、OPNと呼びます。
  • 6 以後、OPNAと呼びます。
1.1 System Requirements

This system, PC-9801 series with MS-DOS, works with the PC-88VA series.

98 FM sound corresponding equivalent PC-9801-26K *1 (including internal), or speak boards *2, chan beautiful sound *3, PC-9801-86 or equivalent *4 (including built-in 9821) can be played on is.

In 8VA, built-in sound board *5 or sound board 2 *6 (including internal) can be played.

When using a sound board 2 / Speak board FM 6x + SSG 3x + RHYTHM 6x + PCM, when using the chan beautiful sound, FM 12x + SSG 3x + RHYTHM 6x + PCM, or 98DO +, PC-9801-86 FM 6x + SSG 3x + RHYTHM 6x in, with the other instruments can be played on FM 3x + SSG 3x.

*1 known as the OPN.
*2 known as the OPNA.
*3, the OPNA + OPN2.
*4, the OPNA and PCM.
*5 known as the OPN.
*6, the OPNA.

1.2 システムの構成、特長






姉妹ドライバーのSPCMDを常駐させることによりSSGをPCMチャンネルとして使用できます。(例 OPNで、FM3+PCM3の演奏が可能)

1.2 System Configuration, Features

This system employs the MML to create a song. Guest editor is written in MML, lets play it in the compiled driver.

A music compiler "mcomp" called, the music driver "mdrv2" and called. We call this environment the Trident system.

Also, MDRV2 can play in the background, you can play at the other applications run under DOS. Sound can also coexist with the BIOS not using EMS.

At the source level in all models to operate Trident system maintains full compatibility, almost the same extent as it can be duplicated at the object level. (Some at the object level, fully able to reproduce the characteristics of each sound source)

Built-In Effect Mode MDRV2, an interrupt can be played while playing a sound effect. (Can be controlled from other applications such as games).

PCM channels can be used as the SSG by allowing the driver SPCMD sisters reside. (In cases of OPN, can play FM3 + PCM3)

1.3 現在トライデントシステムが動作している環境

:Magical-DOS98 (MDRV2(20a))



:Magical-DOS88 (MDRV2(34c)/MCOMP(33c)/PLOAD)

:C-DOS (MDRV2(34c)/MCOMP(33d)/PLOAD)


:X-DOS (MDRV2(33e)/MCOMP(33c))

:C-DOS (MDRV2(34c)/MCOMP(33d))

:S-OS (MDRV2(20a))


X68000 (OPM)

:(非公開) (MDRV2(34E))

:MSX-BASIC(非公開) (MDRV2(34b))

1.3 Trident Environmental Systems is now running


  • Magical-DOS98 (MDRV2(20a))






  • Magical-DOS88 (MDRV2(34c)/MCOMP(33c)/PLOAD)


  • C-DOS (MDRV2(34c)/MCOMP(33d)/PLOAD)


  • DISK-BASIC (MDRV2(33e)/MCOMP(33a))


  • X-DOS (MDRV2(33e)/MCOMP(33c))


  • C-DOS (MDRV2(34c)/MCOMP(33d))


  • S-OS (MDRV2(20a))


  • DISK-BASIC (MDRV2(20a)/MCOMP(20a))

X68000 (OPM)

  • HUMAN(現在制作中)(MDRV2(34c)/MCOMP(33d)/PLOAD)


  • (非公開) (MDRV2(34E))


  • MSX-BASIC(非公開) (MDRV2(34b))

2 トライデントシステムの各コマンドの説明 2 Description of the Trident system commands
2.1 ミュージックドライバーMDRV2 v3.4E以降




2.1 DRV2 v3.4E or higher Music driver

Driver for playing the object is compiled with mcomp. First, you can not not be played with this resident.

Port address auto scan FM sound. If you do not recognize the FM sound source documentation of each, please check the configuration of the board.

Views will automatically calculate the weight of FM synthesis. If unstable operation is using the CPU speed, please wait directly specify the number.

2.1.1 使用方法
A>MDRV98 [Option]	(98)
A>MDRVVA [Option]	(VA)
2.1.1 How to Use
A>MDRV98 [Option]	(98)
A>MDRVVA [Option]	(VA)
2.1.2 各オプション




"loop $"を使用してウエイトします。

"out 5fh,al"を使用してウエイトします。


2.1.2 Each option

Remove the resident.

Specify the use of sound n88h the Port FM.

Specifies the size of the data to ensure performance.
specified in the nK bytes. (The default is 16K bytes ゙ test).
Can be up to 48K bytes.

Weights given to access the FM sound
"loop $" to wait to use.
If the model is unstable for large values ​​of speed and fast Please try to set.

Weights given to access the FM sound
"out 5fh, al" using the weights.
If the model is unstable for large values ​​of speed and fast Please try to set.

Displays the status of resident.

2.2 ミュージックコンパイラ MCOMP v.3.4A以降






注1) VAで使用する場合はMSEが必要です。

2) 3.3dでコンパイルすると、MDRV2(V.3.4C)以降のドライバーでないと演奏できません。

3) 3.4aでコンパイルすると、MDRV2(V.3.4E)以降のドライバーでないと演奏できません。

4) トラックを規定以上(13トラック)記述する場合は"#Nn"コマンドをMML上に記述する必要があります。

2.2 Since the compiler MCOMP v.3.4A Music

Compiled into an object can play the music mdrv2 source program. You can also compile the source sound effects in addition to the music source.

Extension of the music source ". MD2", extension of the source sound effect ". ME2" and after each compilation, ". MDT", ". MDE" will.

Size may be up to 48K bytes of music sources.

You will also be the object size to 48K bytes to be created.

The exact method of MML description Md2mll Please see.

1) If the VA is required to use MSE.

2) to compile 3.3d, MDRV2 (V.3.4C) can not play with later drivers.

3) If you compile with 3.4a, MDRV2 (V.3.4E) can not play with later drivers.

4) The above provisions the track (13 tracks) if you write "# Nn" should be written on the MML commands.

2.2.1 使用方法
A>mcomp [Option] [d:]filename[.MD2]
A>mcomp -E [Option] [d:]filename[.ME2]




2.2.1 How to use
A>mcomp [Option] [d:]filename[.MD2]
A>mcomp -E [Option] [d:]filename[.ME2]

You have to write the source file in an editor. Compile to object file that can be played with this command.

If the error is discovered, the source line number is displayed. In that case, please try to check again at the line number displayed in an editor.

If no errors, the same drive as the source file extension "MDT" became the object file is generated.

2.2.2 各オプション




2.2.2 Options

No output file after compilation.

Create a former MDT.

To compile the source sound effect.

2.3 ミュージックプレイヤー MDP v2.0d以降








2.3 Since MDP v2.0d music player

Performance data to pass MDRV2, we can begin to play a program to interrupt the play. (MDP.EXE mdrv2 resides and can not work.)

PCM files if you have given to a song that plays after loading the PCM. If you have not read the PCM buffer already.

PCM files to search for current first, then search the path that is defined in MD2PCM environment variable.

Similarly, the SPM file for automatic loading. The search target is the same as PCM files.

Example definition of environment variables


      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Write two or more locations

2.3.1 使用方法
A>MDP [Option] [filename[.MDT]]		(98)
A>MDPVA [Option] [filename[.MDT]]	(VA)



2.3.1 How to use
A>MDP [Option] [filename[.MDT]]		(98)
A>MDPVA [Option] [filename[.MDT]]	(VA)

When you play music files do not specify the PCM, PCM due to load and leave PLOAD.EXE pre-DATA.

(PLOAD.EXE mdrv2 resides and can not work.)

2.3.2 各オプション






-R........................ Repeat On

-CFn...................... FM Volume offset [default= 8]

-CRn...................... Rythem Volume offset [default= 8]

-CPn...................... PCM Volume offset [default=42]

-O........................ PCM fileのチェックをしない

(1) -Pオプションの例

mdp -pooooxoxo



(2) -Cオプション

(3) -Rオプション

2.3.2 Options

-N Do not print messages

-S Quit playing

-F To start playing with a fade

-E Interrupting play

-P[oooxx...ooxo] Specified performance track

-R Repeat On

-CFn FM Volume offset [default= 8]

-CRn Rythem Volume offset [default= 8]

-CPn PCM Volume offset [default=42]

-O PCM fileのチェックをしない

(1) Examples of -P option
mdp -pooooxoxo

In this case, tracks 1 to 4, 6, 8 tracks will be played later.

Track is made ​​of a song depends on how you play.

(2) The -C option
This allows you to adjust the volume balance of the FM / SSG / rhythm / PCM.

(3) The -R option
After completion of the songs do not play indefinitely, to be played from the beginning.

2.4 エフェクト音プレイヤー EFP v1.0以降




2.4 EFP v1.0 or later the effect sound player

You can read out the effect sound effect file into a buffer MDRV2.

You can use the hidden features in Another MDRV2 this EFP.

I think especially useful for GAME. Please reference the control and attach it to its source.

2.4.1 使用方法
A>EFP [[d:]EffectFileName[.MDE]] [Option]

*.ME2 ... エフェクト音ソース

*.MDE ... エフェクト音オブジェクト

2.4.1 How to use
A>EFP [[d:]EffectFileName[.MDE]] [Option]

*.ME2 Sound Effect sources

*.MDE Effect sound objects

2.4.2 各オプション

-? Help (This message.)

-Pn ... n = effect No.

-K ... effect key mode




2.4.2 Options

Help (This message.)

n = effect No.

effect key mode

When you specify a file name of the file to read the effect sound.

Beep-P is the effect of the number n.

-K is a smooth real-time sound effects corresponding to A ~ Z on your keyboard.

3 MDRV2の外部コントロール


コントロール方法はソフト割り込みの0F2Hを使います。ahに機能番号をいれ、INT 0F2hでMDRV2のファンクションを呼び出します。



3 External control of MDRV2

It is possible to control from other applications in MDRV2.

Control method uses a software interrupt 0F2H. if the function number in the ah, call the function in MDRV2 INT 0F2h.

Another explanation of the function calls the document Mdrv2fn Please see.

Also, the description of the work area is the document published by MDRV2 Mdwork Please see.

3.1 MDRV2シンク







3.1 Sink MDRV2

I can see the currently playing in the sink work, tells you that one lap.

FFH Play ends

FEH Around the end (only when using \ command).

00H During the performance

... Other areas specified in the performance ending Z command (can also be used for demonstration and use it. When you do something to fit the song progresses)

To see more than two laps must be written to work when the 00H FEH.

4 転載に関して

MDRV2 Systemはフリーソフトウエア(著作権は放棄してません)です。使用に際しての一切の金品の受託は求めません(注)。利益をあげることが目的でない限り,本ソフトを再配布・転載することは自由です。



4 About rights

MDRV2 System is a free software (copyright Temasen abandoned) is. Trustee of any money in the use does not ask (note). Unless the goal is to make money, you can reprint and redistribute this software is free.

Also, if that, please do not delete the file contents change. Changes to the system, version, please follow up.

Note: Product same as free software incorporated into the permit. If so please contact as possible. Also please call if you use it for commercial purposes.


XDS Network  06-843-3716 (300-14400/MNP5/LAPM/V.42bis) #1 Regulus


XDS Network  06-843-3716 (300-14400/MNP5/LAPM/V.42bis) #1 Regulus