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Maribel Hearn
Maribel Hearn

July 29, 1995 (1995-07-29) (age 27)


The Netherlands




Not dodging bullets


Personal website

Hello there, I'm Mari and I'm 27 years old. I'm a shmup player who mains TD, loves Banshiryuu C67 and Samidare and has also scored HSiFS. My favourite character has traditionally always been Maribel (what did you expect?), but nowadays I like Narumi a lot as well. My PBs are 3,475,825,090 in TD Lunatic Marisa and 7,040,149,600 in HSiFS Lunatic AyaAutumn. I have the World Record in the Samidare Extra Stage, in which I have scored 294,204,460. In the main game I have a high score of 46,815,936, against a WR of 49,426,402 by Japanese player nonokuro. In Banshiryuu I have scored 206,254,030, which is the highest known score in the game (Easy is the highest scoring difficulty for reasons). As for other Touhou achievements, I have a 502,276,420 clear in EoSD Extra with MarisaB, as well as a collection of survival challenges, primarily in Touhou, where I have GFW routes A1 and A2 LNN and number of Lunatic No Bomb (LNB) and Extra No Miss No Bomb Full Spell (NMNBFS or just NNFS) runs. I have a few much less relevant scores as well, either because I am the only player (but put in much less effort than into my favourite games) or because it's simply not a very high score.

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Highest known score, which is the term I use for when saying 'WR' is not the best idea (i.e. there is not really any competition in the category), will be abbreviated to 'HKS' in the below table.

Category High score Shottype
TD Lunatic 3,475,825,090 (C) Marisa
TD Hard 3,116,809,310 (C) Marisa
TD Normal 1,722,391,740 (C) Marisa
TD Easy 917,219,120 (C) Marisa
TD Extra 537,659,780 (C) Marisa
HSiFS Lunatic 7,040,149,600 (C) AyaAutumn
EoSD Lunatic 340,970,920 (6) ReimuB
EoSD Extra 502,276,420 (C) MarisaB
SSS Extra 1,049,352,190 (C) Koishi
Samidare 46,815,936 (C) N/A
Samidare Extra 294,204,460 (C) (WR) N/A
Banshiryuu C67 Easy 206,254,030 (C) (HKS*) HiranoS
Mrs. Estacion Easy 348,933,504,628 (C) (HKS) HimekaB
Mrs. Estacion Special 114,994,208,403 (C) (HKS) HimekaB
  • This score is the highest known score in the entire game, not only within the difficulty played on.

The most notable of the Touhou survival achievements:
GFW LNN Routes A1, A2, B2, C2

LLS LNB (MarisaA)
MS LNB (Mima)
EoSD LNB 5 miss 23/26 (ReimuB)
PCB LNBNBB 26/28 (ReimuB)
IN LNB FinalA (Border Team)
MoF LNB (ReimuB)
SA LNB 7 miss 24/26 (ReimuA)
UFO LNB 21/26 (ReimuA)
GFW LNB All Routes
TD LNBNT 2 miss (Reimu)
DDC LNB (ReimuA)
HSiFS LNB (ReimuAutumn)
WBaWC LNB (MarisaWolf)
UM LNB (Reimu)

EoSD ExNNFS (MarisaA)
IN ExNNFS (Border Team)
MoF ExNNFS (ReimuA)
SA ExNNFS (ReimuA)
TD ExNNNFS (Reimu)
WBaWC ExNNNNFS (MarisaWolf)
UM ExNNNFS (Reimu)

ISC 74/75 No Items

In fangames and other doujin games:
SSS LNB 7 miss (Koishi)
eXceed 3rd Jade Penetrate Black Package Exceed difficulty TLB 1cc

See my personal website for a full documentation of my achievement history.