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You may remember me as the modder who worked on the translations for IaMP, SWR, Soku, Maristice, Remidoki, Trap Tower, Nitroid, some of Megamari, and Hellsinker. Also I did some tools for various other games, like Strawberry Bose's games. And probably some other stuff I'm forgetting that I did as a one-off or two.

Feel free to harass me on the user talk page but I don't know how much attention I'll be paying to it.

Or on Twitter.


IMPORTANT NOTE: that most of the code I wrote was very sloppy and hastily slapped together because they were never meant to be reused or even read by other human beings. My strategy was the essence of "make a tool to do a single task, use it, and then dispose of it," and it led to a lot of very poorly written code that I wouldn't wish on anyone. So if you come into this expecting a majestic work of art, you're going to be sorely disappointed and might want to go bring some brillo with you instead.


These are source code only, and a complete mess. You get to figure out what's what, though the readme's overview hits a lot of it. No translation data is included; you have to work it out yourself. Additionally, these are only half-broken tools and need to be applied properly, so mostly this is just going to be for people who need to figure stuff out and adapt the tools to their own usage. Included is stuff for Tasofro games, Strawberry Bose games, dxlib/luna stuff, some ougon and blitzkampf dumping stuff, and a generic PE text searcher/reinserter. The full mods used for the actual gs.o fighting game releases are also there.

other stuff: