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ECL V1 is the original version of ECL used in EoSD through StB. This version does not have the stack system which was later introduced, has a timeline(s) section for the stage timing, and other differences mostly related to variable storage, which are more close to being registers than actual variables. Opcodes are not standardized, and therefore change with every game (therefore, there's more differences in the opcodes between EoSD and PCB than between SA and UFO).


NOTE: ECL versions are not officially numbered, the version numbers shown here are purely for organization purposes.

  • V1.0: Original ECL version used in EoSD.
  • V1.1: Used in PCB, update of EoSD's ECL. Uses an updated ECL machine and can now use more than 1 stage timeline at once, up to a (safe) maximum of 15. Possibly has a better performance, too?
  • V1.2: Used in IN, update of PCB's ECL. Stage timeline function formats slightly altered. Possibly has a better performance, too?