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ECL V2 is the second major version of ECL first used in MoF and still used today. This version has the stack system, the timeline system was removed in favor of spawning enemies using ECL script and variables can now be dynamically(ish) allocated, although some register variables can still be used. Opcodes are now more standardized, for example, bullet shooting-related instructions are always in the 4?? range (MoF, 5?? for UFO, 6?? for TD).


NOTE: ECL versions are not officially numbered, the version numbers shown here are purely for organization purposes.

  • V2.0: Original ECL V2 version used in MoF and SA.
  • V2.1: Update of the previous version and used in UFO, DS and GFW (TODO: verify GFW version). Opcodes were added and others were slightly altered and more variables were added.
  • V2.2: Update of the previous version and used in TD, DDC, ISC, LoLK and HSiFS (present). Many opcodes were added, including newer versions of older ones.