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Even on Touhou Wiki, FOE!
Name: Mental Josh/Mentalbob/Shou

Species: L33t Azn Half Vamp (Chinese)
Abilities: *LACK OF LOGIC
  • Turning the most intresting plot twist into garbage
  • Basic Editing
  • Piano Playing
  • Drum Playing
  • Normal/Hard Mode Danmaku Play
  • L33T Skillz
  • Creating entire universes in my mind, and to wallow in them
Age: Over 9000!
Occupation: Hobo
Location: Gensokyo, living in a cardboard box, doomed to watch the world go by without him

A most incredible character, one moment he can keep a medical conversation with Eirin, the next he's going all Flandre on you.


Here, There, and see above.

Titles: See Character Titles

No, you don't get it, thats why I'm telling you.
You think you get it, which isn't the same as actually getting it.
Get it?

"Arrgh! You're in the full-moon-beams! Do you want to loose your sanity?"
"Err... Sanity? I don't remember having such a thing to begin with. Can you eat it?"

Fun Facts

  • While Mentaljosh may be called totally sane by many, that only increases their surprise when they are slayed in their beds!
  • A known moocher of the Human Village. Despite his unending debts to people there, he is well known and respected for protecting the village from minor youkai. He tells stories to the children. Could they be also true?
  • Loves beer, but loves messing with drunk people even more.
  • His Keyboard of Souls allows him to edit any annoyingly bad wiki problems
  • Finished writing a fanfic on Sakuya's past, but is utterly confused by wiki formatting. So, until then, any person reading this will have to wait. I'm probably going to mess up Touhou Wiki... ><
  • Contact info is [email protected]