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Welcome to my page! :D

Also known as Mist or Oliver
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Eternally Aesthetic Placebo of Pandemonium


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My name is MistPower101, and am a somewhat recent-ish member of this wiki. I've corrected various grammar errors and punctuation errors, although not very many. I try to contribute, but when it comes to adding pictures to pages, I always goof one way or another. *facepalm* I need to watch out more, to make sure that I'm adding legit things and with permission.

I fail at Touhou games so hard. But I proudly am getting better!

My Notable Game Achievements

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Notable for myself, I mean.

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My Goofs[edit]

These apply only to things that were taken down (gallery additions were probably removed, but I'm too lazy to make sure), and do not count minor word edits that other people have made to what I added.

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My Good Edits[edit]

These are things I've done that aren't goofs! c:

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  • Fixed a grammar/punctuation error on Aki★Eda
  • Added the sixth bullet to Shizuha Aki's Fanon.
  • Added the ninth, tenth, and eleventh bullet to Yukari Yakumo's Fanon.
  • Added the sixth bullet to Yuyuko Saigyouji's Fanon, and added the sub-bullet for the seventh bullet.
  • Made it so that the "Silent Sinner in Blue" within the seventh bullet on Yuyuko Saigyouji's Fanon is a link to said manga's page.
  • Fixed a grammar/punctuation error on Yin-Yang Orb.
  • Added Trojan Green Asteroid to Renko Usami and Maribel Hearn's Music CD Appearances. I put them as being on the CD Illustration, although someone changed it to them being on the Cover. The CD will have a story though, apparently, so "Cover" is more fitting.
  • Added a section to Maribel Hearn and Renko Usami's Talk pages, mentioning Trojan Green Asteroid. I just mention that when it is known for sure, the two characters' Music CD Appearances should be changed to (Cover, Main Character), instead of (CD Illustration).
  • Added a caption to a picture on Fujiwara no Mokou's page, describing it. The picture is the one of Mokou in front of the phoenix.
  • Added my opinion on Byakuren Hijiri's Talk Page as to what I thought her hair color was.
  • Added the Chapter 42 notes/reference/citation to the Hyakko section of References to Touhou. After all, atleast Nitori Kawashiro and Patchouli Knowledge appear. ^^ Shameful how the actual manga series doesn't interest me.. Heck, I'd buy the books just because it is awesome enough to contain Touhou. :D
    • I found Mokou on there, too.
  • I added to Tokiko's talk page.