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Also known as Mizutori

March 22, 1990 (1990-03-22) (age 29)





Contrary to my seemingly mindless edits, I am not a bot! When I get caught up editing, I tend to forget the time and go on long, endless rampages. Don't be too surprised if you see a long list of my edits on the Recent Changes. .__.'' I just want to update the wiki, mang.

Now, for some introductions.

I'm just a regular Touhou fan like any other here. I got into the fandom through its music, but it was the characters and gameplay that delivered the sealing blow. Gotta love dem danmaku's and dem touhou's.

I mainly edit music articles, but I have done some extensive article rewrites and helped get some organization in motion.

Touhou stuff[edit]

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Let's get some trivia out of the way:

Wiki stuff[edit]

My main points of focus for wiki editing are translating and sorting. If I run into any grammar or spelling mistakes I'll banish those asap too. Please note that as I'm not a native speaker of Japanese, there's always a chance that I've made a translation mistake. If you spot those and can fix them, or if you can suggest better translations, please do so!

Current projects
  • Structuring, filling out and 'fully' completing all music-related articles. I'll probably be doing this for the next 50 years at this rate :P
I use this a lot: Groups and music album maintenance worksheet
  • Transcribing, romanizing and translating various lyrics. I usually do this on a whim or if I really like a song.

I actually have a lot of ideas for projects, but my hands are full with the albums so I'm setting them on hold for now. These include:

  • Artist pages (template, content etc)
  • Character page Spell Card section expansion
  • General aesthetics (mainly templates)
  • etc

...Perhaps one of these days I'll share my thoughts in more detail.