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21 October 1995 (1995-10-21) (age 28)






Retrograde Road


Music composer, game developer, jack of all trades



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Oh hi, I'm... pretty insignificant in the Touhou community, actually. I used to provide some German translations for the Touhou Patch Center way back in 2013 or so, but eventually lost interest because I kind of don't like my own native language very much and would much rather not play games in German if I can help it. I started playing Touhou back in 2012 or so, I think. I like to think I'm pretty good at it, since there's only a few mainline Touhou games left for me to Lunatic-1cc at this point.

I'm much better-known in the Len'en community, where I contribute to the Len'en Wiki semi-frequently occasionally (my Len'en Wiki user page is this way) and also used to provide translation patches for JynX's games. Chief reason I created an account here was so I could write an article on Fools Rush In in order to prevent one from being created on the Len'en Wiki (I also translated that game, too). Another one of my claims to fame appears to be that I used to frequently get in touch with JynX on Twitter. My involvement with the community has dwindled rapidly over the years, though.

tl;dr: Don't expect too much contribution from here.

About Retrograde Road

Yeah, I'm gonna be plugging this here, too. It's my user page, okay? I can do whatever I want.

Retrograde Road (逆向ロード現作団, or RR for short; known as Team Gaijin Alex until 2022) started off as a small three-person doujin circle consisting of Spaztique (music, story, the guy who brought the team together), FullHitPoints (programming, game design, sometimes pixel art), and of course myself (I dabble in pretty much everything related to game development that you can think of), but by now the head count has dwindled down to just me.

Since I make games and music in my spare time, of which there's not all that much to go around, the circle had existed for years without finishing a single game. Two Touhou fangames are pretty much dead in the water, but a Touhou-style bullet hell shmup with an original cast and setting has been completed and released back in 2018.