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(CENSORED) Name: Robert Zhang (Alias)

Species: Human
Abilities: *Power to edit wikis and comment on forums.
Age: Unknown, possibly under 1000 years
Occupation: Student, fiction writer
Location: USA
  • (RL) Boring.
  • (Secret Identity) ???
  • Pooshlmer (Nameless Fairy)
  • MotK, DoujinStyle, etc. (Another username)
  • Internet (Same as above)
  • Wikipedia, wikis in general (This username)
Titles: See Character Titles

I play Touhou fangames because I suck at shooters.

A History of Gaming

Eh, might as well list them. List may be inaccurate, as I'm not actually pulling up the games to look at what I did.

IN - A,B on Easy with all Teams.
PoFV - Reimu on Easy.
Story mode on Easy (and some Normal) for all 3 fighters.
Various parts of DS and StB
Scarlet Symphony on Easy
Sengoku Gensokyo Story Mode on Default. Also National Mode for all default teams on Easy.
Touhou Pocket Wars Evolution Story Mode cleared until Mima.
MariAri Up to Youmu's level.
Labyrinth of Touhou Beat Yuyuko, stuck on the Great Stamp and Rin.
Touhou Mother Up to right past the part where the ground is poisoned and you walk around with your entire party save Mima at 1 HP. No motivation after that monstrosity.
Touhou Soccer 2 Up to the 3rd team (as in the 3rd team you control, after Reimu's and I forget who) on Story Mode? I forget.
Touhou Unreal Mahjong Couldn't get past Reimu's (or was it Marisa's?) third table. Lame.
Maristice - Purple sludge is really annoying.
Super Marisa World - Why is this game impossible? Because I suck at platformers. Cleared 1-1.
MegaMari - Die to Lily White on Cirno's stage every time.
PatchCon - Weird game.
Touhou Battle Gaiden - Tetris.
I Wanna be the Shrine Maiden - Eww.



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