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If you were looking for the IN Last Word replays, then look at Replays:Puredragon (thanks J!). Or ask me to send them to you directly.

PD is a completely irresponsible, lazy, antisocial, insane, half-hearted, half-witted, unmotivated, misanthropic, antagonistic, empty, worthless parasite upon society who happens to have a passing knowledge of Japanese and an interest in Touhou games.

PD also forgets to log in periodically and makes contributions from his own IP, which is not difficult to figure out if one is so determined.

One might say he's a budding example of how a human can resemble youkai. After all, since youkai can take human form, why not the other way around? :p He routinely forgets kanji like last night's dinner, which should give hope to any other budding translators out there.

PD is also the founder and a translator of 雛のGAO翻訳挺身隊 (Hiyoko no GAO Translation Volunteer Corps), a small fantranslation group looking to do what one would expect of a fantranslation group: sleep, eat, play. Anyone willing to help change that would be greatly appreciated (especially any others with Japanese ability).

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