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鍵山 雛 (かぎやま 雛ひな)
Hina Kagiyama
Hina Kagiyama
Hina Kagiyama in Mountain of Faith

More Character Titles

Misfortune Goddess


The ability to store up curses


Chasing away lost humans, gathering the misfortune of humans


The Great Youkai Forest, near a river

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Hina Kagiyama (鍵山 雛, ro. Kagiyama Hina) is the leader of the Nagashi-bina doll army and a Curse Godess whose job is to scare off lost humans who get too near to the Youkai Mountain so misfortune does not befall humans once again. As well as gathering their misfortune. Her first appearance was in Mountain of Faith as a Stage 2 Boss. Though, she has nothing to do with the actual story. Her latest appearance was in Oriental Sacred Place where she has a cameo.



Her name is Hina Kagiyama (鍵山 雛). The characters for Kagiyama (鍵山) literally mean "key() mountain()". While Hina () could mean either "Bird chick" or "Doll". Doll makes much more sense with her occupation in mind.

Her official title is 「厄神」 (Yakagumi, lit. Misfortune god").


In Mountain of Faith's official art, Hina have aquamarine hair and eyes. Her hair is decorated with red bows and white frills. Part of her hair is tied under her chin with a bow as a sort front ponytail. She wears a red dress which is darker around her middle and lighter on the bottom. The dress also have white frills on the bottom and an enormous white kerchief on top. The bottom of her dress is decorated with a similar aquamarine swirl resembling the "" (misfortune) kanji at the bottom. As footwear she has knee-length black cross-laced boots similar to Alice Margatroid's.

At the fight Hina is spinning during all her spell card attacks. And appereantly it is her speciality, as explained in The Grimoire of Marisa. This is also seen in the second stage of Double Spoiler.


As said in her official profile in Mountain of Faith, she is the leader of the "Nagashi-bina doll army" and a curse goddes. This refers to a Japanese ritual of transferring one's sins and misfortune to a a nagashi-bina (流し雛) and throwing it in a river to be carried away. She being the leader, she stores up all the curses into herself that is threw into the river. She is not harmed by those curses herself, but those who will get close to her will be surrounded by misfortune and those who stays to long around her will affected by the misfortune.

In the story of Mountain of Faith she tries to chase the protagonist away from the mountain as she states that it is dangerous on the mountain. This because she want to protect the human.

This relationship to curses is seen during her Spell Cards. You see purpleblue-ish stuff swarming around her. And it is also explained in The Grimoire of Marisa, that she "likes to save up bad omens in her body".


Hina claims she is a friend of the humans as she protects them from the mountain and from misfortune. Though, this feeling is not for her from the humans.


Mountain of Faith

Depending on who you choose as a playable character, Hina will either face Reimu Hakurei or Marisa Kirisame in the stage 2 fight of Mountain of Faith at the Great Youkai Forest near a river.

At Reimu she said she she was trying to be nice and chase her away at the midboss fight, which fails. Hina explains that is her job to chase away lost humans. But Reimu claims she isn't lost and just want to go to the Youkai Mountain and then starts to fight as she thinks Hina is a youkai. Hina gets beaten and can't stop Reimu to enter the mountain even after another attempt of warning her.

Marisa says in her story dialogue that it takes to long to enter the mountain and can ever "recite all the digits of pi" before she gets there, but then Hina enters. She doesn't understand what Marisa is rambling about. She says that she is gathering misfortune at the moment. Hina then starts talking about she protecting the humans and that they should not enter the mountain. But Marisa isn't holding back and starts fighting with Hina which the god loses. After the fight Marisa is again rambling about pi and says that she is a human after the question of Hina if she is a human.

Additional Information[edit]


  • Hina spinning may be a reference to her ability to store up curses. This is because the kanji for curse () looks somewhat like a swirl, just like the one on her dress.
    Hina's sigil as in The Grimoire of Marisa.
  • An alternate color palette of Patchouli Knowledge in Touhou Hisoutensoku resembles Hina.
    • The same goes fore one of the color palettes of Suwako.


  • Since Hina spins around in Mountain of Faith, she is depicted loving to spin all the time without getting dizzy, most people would say, "Spin spin, Hina likes to spin."
  • This has resulted to comparisons between her and Wallachia from Melty Blood, due to Wallachia spinning a lot and screaming "Reverse the birth, reverse death, reverse the world and SPIN SPIN SPIN!" Spin Hina. Spin.
  • While she does not have any known relationships, she is often paired with Nitori.
  • In some fanart Hina is depicted as getting a kick on gathering someone's misfortune.
  • Even with her good intentions to help others, she is often ignored by others or avoided.

Spell Cards[edit]

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Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 10
厄符「バッドフォーチュン」 Misfortune Sign "Bad Fortune" MoF St. 2: E/N
厄符「厄神様のバイオリズム」 Misfortune Sign "Biorhythm of the Misfortune God" MoF St. 2: H/L
疵符「ブロークンアミュレット」 Flawed Sign "Broken Amulet" MoF
St. 2: E/N
疵痕「壊されたお守り」 Scar "Broken Charm of Protection" MoF St. 2: H/L
悪霊「ミスフォーチュンズホイール」 Evil Spirit "Misfortune's Wheel" MoF St. 2: E/N
悲運「大鐘婆の火」 Tragic Fate "Old Lady Ohgane's Fire" MoF St. 2: H/L
創符「ペインフロー」 Wound Sign "Pain Flow" MoF
St. 2: E/N
創符「流刑人形」 Wound Sign "Exiled Doll" MoF St. 2: H/L
厄野「禊川の堆積」 Cursed Field "Purification River Deposit" DS St. 2
災禍「呪いの雛人形」 Calamity "Cursed Hina Dolls" DS St. 2


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Mountain of Faith - キャラ設定.txt[edit]

Hina Kagiyama

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