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Touhouwiki really is insane for trying to describe all which is touhou-related. After all, the pace at which new content is being made exceeds the pace of content generation of most other franchises combined. My nickname is redtails and I don't think I've made a lot of contributions to the English touhou community. I am the 'artist' behind this mosaic and the gigantic ZUN mosaic. Both were made using images acquired through a batch program I wrote in perl, called Tagbooru. A compiled x86 version of tagbooru is available at the download page of Tagbooru's project page. Both mosaics were put together using ancient software developed by aolej back in the year 2000. More modern mosaic programs do exist, though none of them offer the same kind of genuine quality. Lossless PNG versions of both mosaics can be found here: Touhou Everyone and here: ZUN Mosaic.

Small information depot[edit]

Filelist of the Touhou lossy music collection (v8):
User:Redtails/Touhou lossy music collection part1
User:Redtails/Touhou lossy music collection part2

Filelist of the Touhou album image collection:

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redtails on YouTube
Reiuyi on YouTube
redtails at Danbooru