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Completion Status[edit]

Main games:

  • HRtP: N/A
  • SoEW: N/A
  • PoDD: N/A
  • LLS: Normal 1cc with ReimuA
  • MS: Normal Max Lives 1cc with Reimu
  • EoSD: Hard 1cc with ReimuA, Normal 1cc everyone else, Extra with ReimuA and ReimuB
  • PCB: Hard 1cc with SakuyaA and ReimuB, Normal 1cc everyone else. Extra cleared with everyone, and Phantasm with SakuyaA, ReimuA and ReimuB.
  • IN: Hard 1cc with Border Team and Reimu solo; Extra cleared with Border Team, Normal with all the other non-solo teams.
  • PoFV: Normal 1cc with Reimu and Marisa. And Shikieiki too, using someone else's score.dat to be able to play her.
  • MoF: Normal 1cc and Extra cleared with ReimuA; Easy with ReimuB. N/A with anyone else.
  • SA: Normal 1cc with ReimuA, Easy with everyone else.
  • UFO: Normal 1cc with SanaeB, Easy 1cc with everyone else.

Side games:

  • IaMP: N/A
  • StB: Something like 20-30 scenes cleared up to stage 5. Never really tried.
  • SWR/Hisoutensoku: Easy 1cc with everyone. I'm not a fan of fighting games.
  • Double Spoiler: N/A
  • GFW: Easy 1cc in all routes

Fan games: