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Main Profile

Picture!? Name: サミュエル・ムンソン 

Regris Kallen

Species: 人間 Human
Abilities: Zerg Rushing, Infantry Rushing, Nuke Rushing, Being Awesome
Age: 十九
Occupation: Slacker.
Location: Somewhere 地球
  • (Today) Short black hair, sometimes travels to mid-length. Brown eyes and a Korean heritage, although most of this heritage was lost due to being raised in other lands. Casual wear includes black kahkis, a t-shirt and leather jacket. Debate wear includes suit, office shirt, polished shoes, and a tie on my head.
  • (Tomorrow) Maybe this!? D: D:
  • Daichi (Friend, Earth ザ・ワールド)
  • Rooster (Friend, Wizard 魔法使い)
  • Mechalomaniac(Friend, Tank タンク)
  • soden (Friend, Sniper スナイパー)
  • Stuph (Friend, Demolitions 爆発)

Tha Simchamber
Maidens of the Kaleidoscope

Titles: See Character Titles