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東方妖々夢 (とうほうようようむ)
Perfect Cherry Blossom
Perfect Cherry Blossom

Team Shanghai Alice


Team Shanghai Alice


Trial+: December 30, 2002
Trial: January 26, 2003
Full: August 17, 2003


Vertical Danmaku Shooting Game


Single-Player Story Mode


Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP

  • Pentium 500MHz
  • 500MB hard disk
  • Direct3D
  • DirectX 8
  • 16MB VRAM
  • DirectSound
  • 128MB RAM

東方妖々夢 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom (Touhou Youyoumu, "Bewitching Eastern Dream"), known as PCB in English speaking community, is a vertical-scrolling shooter, and is the seventh official game in the Touhou series.


Perfect Cherry Blossom features three playable characters to choose from with two different Spell Card types each. Reimu Hakurei can weave through the smallest gaps with ease, and her attacks deal low to decent damage, depending on which type you use. Marisa Kirisame relies on her speed and power to compensate for her thin attack area, but wields a considerable amount of power. Sakuya Izayoi has wider and more versatile attacks than Reimu, but can be hard to control.

A major addition to Perfect Cherry Blossom is the the "Cherry" scoring system. Almost every part of the game is linked with the "Cherry Meter": shooting enemies increases your Cherry points, bombing or dying decreases your Cherry points, reaching 50,000+ Cherry points gives you a temporary shield. The higher the Cherry Gauge, the more points you receive from Point Items.

Other important changes are the appearance of your character's hitbox while you are focused, the properties of your attacks depending on whether you are focused or unfocused, and a helpful cursor along the bottom margin during a boss battle that shows the location of the boss.

Name and Concept[edit]

Perfect Cherry Blossom, as its title's direct translation Bewitching Eastern Dream infers, is heavily inspired from Japanese culture. It contains references such as the cherry blossoms, the torii at the beginning of stage 2, and the architecture of the Netherworld. Other less evident references are present, such as the Saigyou Ayakashi and the last name of the game's main antagonist, Yuyuko Saigyouji, both which most likely refers to the famous Japanese poet Saigyou, who often sung his desire to die under a cherry tree. References are even present in the game's musical score, Youmu Konpaku's theme song Hiroari Shoots A Strange Bird ~ Till When? is named after a story in which a warrior named Hiroari slays a youkai known as the Nue. The Staff Roll song is even based on the Japanese folklore song Sakura, Sakura.


"Dead bodies are buried under the cherry trees! You have to believe it. Otherwise, you couldn't possibly explain the beauty of the cherry blossoms. I was restless, lately, because I couldn't believe in this beauty. But I have now finally understood: dead bodies are buried under the cherry trees! You have to believe it." -- Motojirō Kajii, opening of "Under the Cherry Trees"


Perfect Cherry Blossom has 19 tracks excluding the Staff Roll song, all of them can be heard in the music room from the very first time you open the game.


A demo version of Perfect Cherry Blossom was released on December 30th in 2002, at the 63rd Comiket. The game later had another demo with only the MIDI soundtrack was released on the internet on January 26th 2003, to be later released at the 64th Comiket, on August 17th 2003.

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