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Shin Mikazuki
Shin's in-game Avatar

Crescent Moon and Crimson Moon


Cyber World




Midnight Sky and Crimson Circle


Game Developer and Web Developer

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Shin (シン), the Lead Programmer of Midnight Sky and Game Development Team Leader of Crimson Circle.

Personal Information[edit]


He was born on November 17, 1993.

He is intelligent, friendly, and cheerful boy.

During his childhood and high school days,

he is always being bullied for no reason.

"They always hate and ignore me. I haven't done anything wrong,

I only said the truth. Maybe there's something wrong with me.", he said.

"I felt that I am not like them... Maybe I am not belong to them...", he added.

So, he decided to take the path where he belong.

He started to love the computer and quoted:

"It gave me my thirst for knowledge of all kinds, and taught me as much as ever I learnt at school."

He decided to spend his time on developing his skills in computer instead of playing with other kids outside.

So, Shin became a Computer Programmer and started to develop computer programs and games.


He is once a cheerful and friendly person on his childhood. But suddenly,

he's being ignored and bullied by some of his friends for no reason.

So, he decided to spent his time in the Cyber World, as an escape from reality. When he starts to explore the Cyber World,

he became shy to other people, that's to him not having many friendships and closing others off. He started to have problems establishing

relationships with people, especially on women. Although, he can make friends easily with both men and women in the Cyber World.


Skill Level Experience Description
Network / Web Security Advanced


5 Years Finding security vulnerabilities in target systems,

networks, and applications in order to help

enterprises improve their security.

Web Development Advanced


7 Years The development of World Wide Web applications,

or distributed network applications that are run

over HTTP from a web server to a web browser.

Game Development Advance


7 Years Specializes in certain types of games

(such as role-playing video games).

Some focus on porting games from one system to another,

or translating games from one language to another.

Operating System Customization Advance


9 Years Customizing GUIs (Graphical User Interface),

HUDs (Head-up Display), and some system features.

Database Management Intermediate


3 Years Interact with the user, other applications, and

the database itself to create, query, update,

capture and analyze data.

Graphics Designing Intermediate


7 Years Developing images such as photography, 3D modeling,

and image editing.

Multimedia Development Intermediate


3 Years Generate and manipulate a combination of text,

audio, still images, animation, video, or

interactivity content forms.

Software / System Development Intermediate


2 Years Applying the principles of engineering to the design,

developing, maintaining, testing, and evaluation

of the software and systems that make computers

or anything containing software work.

Mobile Apps Development Intermediate


5 Years The process by which application software is

developed for low-power handheld devices,

such as personal digital assistants, enterprise

digital assistants or mobile phones.

Hardware Development Beginner


2 Years A various traditional engineering disciplines

such as computer, electrical and mechanical

engineering to work more effectively together

to develop and manufacture new machines,

devices and components.

Special Abilities[edit]

Ability Level Usage Description
Midnight Rush ★★★★☆ Only occurs at midnight. Shin will be x2 faster

(It depends on it's level).

Mind Charge ★★★★☆ It will cost a lot of energy when used. Shin will be x2 more focus

(It depends on it's level).

Dark Hour Phase ★★★☆☆ When the time shifts between 23:59 and 00:00.

Only occurs during the Dark Hour.

Shin can stay up during the Dark Hour.
Mind Reading ★★☆☆☆ It always happen in a sudden. Shin can read your thoughts in just a glance

(It depends on it's level).

Mind Breakdown ★★★☆☆ It will occur after using both

Midnight Rush and Mind Charge.

Shin's concentration will be distorted

(It depends on it's level).

Moonlight Blessing ★★☆☆☆ Only occurs when Shin is belong in a team. It will give Shin and his teammates

an additional 0.5% concentration

bonus (It depends on it's level).

Moonlight Bond ★★★☆☆ It occurs both when Shin is belong in a team or not. Shin can easily to befriend people.

But if Shin does have teammates with him,

It will give Shin and his teammates a

strong bond (It depends on it's level).

In-game Character Information[edit]


Equipment Type Special Effect Description
Sync Gear Headgear It will speed up his analyzation and

it will increase his memory capacity.

He is always wearing it

although it's not visible,

the Sync Gear is still a Headgear.

Hooded Black Cloak Clothes (Top) Highly increases all of his status. Shin is wearing this to give him

confidence and ensure his anonymity

to the public.

Black Jacket Clothes (Top) It boosts the user's strength and dexterity.

Shin is wearing this on casual events.

Sweater Clothes (Top) It boosts the user's dexterity.

Shin is wearing this on casual events.

Cotton Shirts Clothes (Top) None

Shin is wearing this at home.

Black Pants Clothes (Bottom) It boosts the user's endurance.

Shin is wearing this on casual events.

Pajama Clothes (Bottom) None

Shin is wearing this on bedtime.

Valor Boots Footwear It boosts the user's strength and endurance.

Shin is wearing this on casual events.

Lift Boots Footwear It boosts the user's speed and

jumping ability but it will be hard

to control the user's balance.

This is Shin's favorite footwear and

he already gain control of the Lift Boots.

Moon Amulet Accessory (Neck) Highly increases strength and

intelligence and also greatly

increases speed.

Shin is wearing this all the time.

Buster Band Accessory (Arm) Highly increases defense.

Shin is wearing this on casual events.

Wristband Accessory (Arm) Highly increases user's agility

and dexterity.

Shin is wearing this on casual events.

Cosmic Belt Accessory (Waist) It boosts the user's dexterity.

Shin is wearing this on casual events.

Lunatic Chain Accessory (Weapon) It will give a special effect to the weapon

(It depends on the user).

A special chain that Shin is

using to attach to his weapons.


Weapons Attribute Special Effect Description
Midnight Sky Dark A Sword blessed with the moon's power. Shin's favorite weapon.

He always paired Midnight Sky with Twilight Sky

when using dual swords.

Twilight Sky Light A Sword blessed with the light's power. Shin's favorite to pair with Midnight Sky

when using dual swords.

Lucite Wind Wind A Sword blessed with the wind's power.

Shin obtained it in the Castle in the Sky, Laputa.

Snow Blitz Ice

A Sword blessed with the snow's power.

Shin paired this once with Lucite Wind.

Kurayami Dark A silver-edged Katana with black and red handle.

Shin's favorite Katana.

Winter Arc Ice A Bow crafted with the power of Ice.

Shin's favorite to use on a long-ranged battle.


・ His blood type is O.

・ He often called Shinichi, Fujimaru, Izumu, Kitsune in the Cyber World.

・ He is right-handed but he also use his left hand when he is playing Tennis.

・ His time of sleep is usually between 1:00 - 3:00.

・ His average time of sleep is 4-6 hours.

・ He is an S-Type person.

・ He is 170cm (about 5' 7") tall and weighs 60 kg (about 132 lbs)

・ His dream is to become a Game Developer in Square Enix.

・ His favorite animals are Fox, Wolf, Cat and Dog.

・ He never drink an alcohol and smoke a cigarette.

・ His favorite school subject is Science.

・ He is good in Computer, Science and English.

・ He is also interested to learn Chinese, Korean, Latin and Russian besides English and Japanese.

・ He knows 1337/Leet or leetspeak internet language.

・ He wanted to become a an Astronaut and Paleontologist on his childhood days.

・ He wanted to become a Neurologist on his High school days.

・ He took Computer Technology on College.

・ His first computer program is a virus (batch file).

・ He haven't tried to develop Flash (.swf) related stuffs such as games, or website.

・ His favorite programming language is Ruby.

・ His favorite scripting language is Ruby Game Scripting System (RGSS).

・ His favorite places at school and university are inside the library and at the rooftop.

・ His favorite colors are Black, White, Blue, Red and Silver.

・ He got his first mobile phone, Alcatel OT View db @ as present, just for ringtones and games.

・ He likes to play video games mostly role playing games such as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.

・ His most favorite game character is Roxas from Kingdom Hearts.

・ His most favorite Pokemon is Umbreon.

・ He likes to listen mostly to J-rock, J-pop, Instrumental and also Vocaloid music.

・ He tried to play flute and violin when we was in Middle school.

・ His first guitar is a Gibson acoustic guitar.

・ His favorite music brands are Fender and Pearl.

・ His favorite childhood song is 未来へ・・・ (Kiroro).

・ He tried to do a dance cover of ハッピーシンセサイザ (Luka Megurine and Megpoid) and PONPONPON (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu).

・ His favorite male artist / band is ViViD.

・ His favorite female artist / band is SCANDAL.

・ His favorite Vocaloids are Len Kagamine and GUMI.

・ He likes to watch horror, suspense, and mystery movies.

・ He likes to watch more Live Action movies and dramas than Anime.

・ He prefer 90s generation Anime especially Studio Ghibli films.

・ His favorite actor is Haruma Miura.

・ His favorite actress is Erika Sawajiri.

・ His favorite clothing brands are UNIQLO, Sex Pot Revenge.

・ His favorite sport is Tennis.

・ He also like Kendo and Kyudo.

・ His favorite sport brands are Yonex, Head, Wilson, Prince.

・ He used Yonex VCore Tour 97 as his first Racquet on his first Tennis match.

・ He got a Head MX Flash Elite as a present of his mother.

・ His favorite athlete is Kei Nishikori.

・ He likes to spin a pen when he's bored.

・ His favorite pen spinner is Bonkura.

・ He tried Skateboarding and BMX.

・ His favorite food are Tempura, Teriyaki, Yakiniku, Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki and Pan.

・ His favorite drinks are Vanilla Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Melon Juice, Strawberry Juice.

・ His favorite magazines are Computing Japan, Nikkei Computer, Purple Sky, TUNE, SHOXX, Famitsu, and Nintendo Dream.

・ He likes to read books about computers, music, history and culture of Japan, and inspiring and motivational quotes.