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Translator, content editor, author, wanna-be artist


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So who am I?[edit]

Just your friendly neighbourhood ex-Rockman fan, ex-deity, 2hu translator-schmirdn from Switzerland, always trapped with half a foot in Gensokyo since 2007.

I mostly hang out at thpatch, where I take care of the German translation portal and this little thing called Mysteryland Project.
I also did the bulk work on the ULiL English static patch.

Why is Youmu best 2hu?[edit]

Because she's friendly, polite, diligent, loyal, half-baked, moe, and overall a badass little swordswoman who can protect you from rampaging youkai.

Why is 2hu best 2hu?[edit]

I've been gaming almost all my life since 1985, but since then have I never encountered another game series that offers such a massive amount of content and escapism as our dear Project Shrine Maiden.
It can take years to get even remotely good at all in the games.
And if those are too hard for you, there's always the official side-works, which I still haven't goten around to read everything.
And if that's still not enough for you, the incredible fandom output will assure that you never get bored of Gensokyo.
Touhou offers something for everyone to enjoy and to create. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

However, you should always take care not to get completely lost in your escapism.
I keep my officially bought games shrink wrapped, because the wrapping serves as the border to Gensokyo.
Once I open them, Gensokyo might become a reality. But I'd still like it to stay a fantasy for a while.