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6 I've been a Wikipedian for
6 years, 9 months, 21 days.

Hi. I'm here mostly to fix random errors and add a little more information to the fangames section. Also currently attempting to write on the Double Dealing Character charcters' pages.

Game Achievements[edit]

Nothing much, really. I can clear all games on easy (excluding the fighting games) with at least 2 characters, but can't beat Normal. Only PCB and IN decided to unlock their Extra stages, although EoSD was the first game I got. Remilia's so hard, I couldn't beat her with all 3 continues. I find Marisa easier to use, because she moves faster than Reimu.

Is an unepically bad player an the fighting games.


Favourite Charcters[edit]

My fav. changes almost every week, and nobody seems to be giving me the "I am your favourite" impression.