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Here's a working space for stuff I'm actively, uh, working on.

I've moved this from text files locally onto my user space so that other people can see and comment on things that aren't finished. If you'd like to critique, suggest changes, or otherwise comment, please use the talk page (like has been happening a lot lately on the Mountain of Faith dialogue pages). This is an experiment. Hopefully it works out well!


You, too, can make me be productive! Toss requests here.


Please Remilia special vol. 1 (Poor, poor Remi.)
Touhou Kaidan 7 vol. 3
Touhou Kaidan 7 vol. 4 (and Extra)

Text Works

Completed Comics

Eastern News Kingdom 1 (Akyuu VS Aya 1)
And Then They All Came (Sayakata PoFV/Mima comic) - script in thread
Touhou Kaidan 7 vol. 2 (Girls' Revolution Gensokyo)
Leave it to Alice (は〜い、茶館カツミの下僕で〜す)
Bug Bastard, Was It? (More Sayakata fanservice)
Sekai (Yukari VS Ran 2)
Mirai (Yukari VS Ran 3)
Destruction (Yukari VS Ran 6)
Silent Sinner in Blue ch. 4 (Yuyuko, Yuyuko, Yuyuko and Rocket Yuyuko)
Silent Sinner in Blue ch. 5 (My rocket flies on the power of puns!)
Silent Sinner in Blue ch. 6 (Time stopping is a convenient skill)
Silent Sinner in Blue ch. 7 (MILLIONS OF PEACHES! PEACHES FOR ME!!1!!1)
Silent Sinner in Blue ch. 8 (Takkyuu Usagi)
Silent Sinner in Blue ch. 9 (And while you're in the area, visit Betelgeuse 7)
Drunkards in Eientei (Party at Kaguya's house, everyone gets shit-faced and naked)
Can't wait 'til night (GenocideKitten~)
Rikai (Yukari VS Ran 4)
Hakai (Yukari VS Ran 5)
and more!

Completed Text Works

Curiosities of Lotus Asia/Chapter 25
Cage in Lunatic Runagate/First Chapter
Cage in Lunatic Runagate/Second Chapter
Cage in Lunatic Runagate/Third Chapter
Cage in Lunatic Runagate/Fourth Chapter

Seasonal Dream Vision - The Violet Flower That Blooms Every 60 Years