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Uhh, hello there, if you're clicking on this page.

I'm bad at introductions. But you can call me Iris.
Also somewhat of a bird? Yeah.

I'm a Touhou fan who's been into the series since late 2017.
I have Normal and Hard 1cc in every official Touhou shmup game to date, with a few Lunatic 1cc's in there, as well as Normal No Bomb in every single game. Got a few Hard No Bombs too, namely in HRtP, PoDD, WBaWC and technically UM due to a certain broken card combination... Also have Extra No Bomb in all of them except LoLK and SoEW, and Extra No Hit No Charge in PoFV. (And ExNN in SA.) I've also dabbled in scoring in HRtP and PoDD. Fun games to score, honestly.
I've also 100%ed StB, DS, VD and 100th Black Market. Sadly no ISC because that game requires me to ascend to a higher plane of existence, though I do have 60 out of 75 scenes itemless!

I'm also into Touhou fangames as well as into Seihou. Those were also the main reason I created an account on this Wiki. A lot of the Seihou pages are pretty empty, incomplete, or sometimes incorrect, and I'm looking into getting more stuff fixed. I created the page for Hirano's scenario in Banshiryuu C74/3.000 on Hard/Lunatic, too!
I've also done a lot of touches and overhauls to some gameplay pages, namely for Riverbed Soul Saver and Dream Logical World.

On that topic, I also have a lot of clears in a lot of fangames, such as (and this is my way to shill all these games, go play them):

  • Marine Benefit - Hard & Extra No Bomb (all 3 characters);
  • Dream Logical World - Hard & Extra No Bomb, Overdrive 1cc (+ Lunatic 1cc with every team), Elite Extra Clear, Lucid Overdrive 1cc;
  • Glory of Deep Skies - Hard & Extra No Bomb No Elemental Burst and Lunatic 1cc;
  • Sapphire Panlogism - Hard No Bomb, Lunatic 1cc, Extra & Carrefour No Miss No Bomb;
  • Servants of Harvest Wish - Hard & Extra No Bomb, Lunatic 1cc and Ura 1cc, Lunatic Extra Clear;
  • Riverbed Soul Saver - Lunatic No Miss, Extra No Miss No Bomb, Phantasm No Bomb, Overdrive 1cc, Extra scorerun of 10,173,845,860, I also know how to capture QED "Shiki's Sealed-Room Murder"! (Seriously, who thought that spell was a good idea???);
  • Book of Star Mythology - Hard & Extra No Bomb, Lunatic 1cc;
  • Hollow Song of Birds - Hard No Bomb No Z-Spell, Lunatic 1cc, Extra No Bomb;
  • Shining Shooting Star - Hard & Extra No Bomb No Border Break, Lunatic 1cc;
  • Wonderful Waking World - Hard & Extra RNG Patch 1cc;
  • Record Of Ice Fairy War - Missions 1 and 2 Hard No Bomb & Lunatic 1cc (Cirno), Mission 1 Lunatic No Bomb (Vinca Wars), Mission 3 Special & Extra No Bomb, all Trophies collected, even got the funny secrets;
  • Ephemeral Unnatural Balance - Hard 1cc, Extra Clear, Dissonant Normal No Bomb, Dissonant Lunatic 1cc, Dissonant Extra No Bomb No Flashbomb, Dissonant Elite Extra Clear;
  • White Names Spoiled Past - Lunatic 1cc, Extra No Miss No Bomb;
  • Little Doll Queen - Lunatic 1cc, Extra No Bomb No Release

Some miscellaneous stuff because of scene games:

  • Spell Card Collection - Every scene cleared with all 4 shottypes;
  • Tri Focuser - All achievements obtained, and as such, every scene cleared with all 4 characters

Games I've endured but I do not like at all:

  • Infinite Blade Pavilion - Normal & Extra No Miss No Bomb No Special Attack, Hard No Bomb No Special Attack, Lunatic No Bomb;
  • Bubbling Imaginary Treasures - Why did I play this??? (My """LNNN""" should not be worth mentioning.)
    • (Ok, putting these two games next to each other feels dishonest. I may dislike IBP a lot, but it is not game-made-by-a-xenophobe-tier...)

I also have a Normal 1cc in Shuusou Gyoku, and a Lunatic 1cc in Banshiryuu C67, as well as a Normal No Bomb on the latter, and the C74 version. I am also one of the very few people to have Extra No Bomb in Banshiryuu. (Although that mainly comes from the number of people who still play that game in this day and age being probably less than 30.)

Also, not a shmup, but Touhou Puppet Dance Performance goes hard. Especially with the Extended mod for Shard of Dreams. Legit one of the best games I've ever played.

I used to have a funny paragraph here about characters I like, with each word leading to a character, but tastes have changed I suppose. Though if you really want to know some of my favorites, well, I'll make it simpler, but I like some birds. In terms of fangame characters, I dunno, but Ruri is certainly a pretty woman. I like her a normal amount. (big lie)

What else can I say about myself... Oh yeah! Some spell card pictures on this Wiki uploaded by Jun Wen were handpicked by yours truly! Namely most of IBP Extra, as well as DLW Overdrive Stages 2, 3 and 5, as well as Extra! Did I do well in choosing good-looking pictures...? I hope I have!

I'm also a fan of Len'en Project, but there's a whole other Wiki for that series.

Oops, over half this page is Touhou fan content instead of official content. My bad. But I guess it's valid considering that's most of the reason I have an account here in the first place...?

I have a YouTube channel where I mostly post Touhou content, fangame stuff more often than not, as well as the occasional Len'en and Seihou, but also occasionally stuff not related to any of these series at all.

Hmm. I think I've officially ran out of things to say about myself.