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Tony64's Avatar



, I'm Tony64. Basically, I used to be a huge fan of Touhou, but nowadays I just take an interest. When I am active on this wiki, I like to edit in a way by putting my Touhou knowledge into practice. I'm very busy with studying at uni, so I haven't got time to be editing this wiki. However, I do try and check the recent changes whenever I can.

In case yer interested about me (I presume yer not, but anyroad...)

My favourite character would have to be Mima because I think she's retro, and I like retro lol. I also like Yuuka Kazami, Rika, Shinki, Gengetsu, Yukari Yakumo, Fujiwara no Mokou and Youmu Konpaku. Hence, my avatar is a personalisation of Mima's original image from Mystic Square, where the graphics have been pixellated and re-coloured in 8-bit to represent the old NES graphics.

I'm a bureaucrat of the Len'en Wiki and the Touhou Patch Center(Centre), the latter as 'TonyUK' where I 'translate' the English into British English and ensuring that the English is in American English.

One of my favourite Japanese words happens to be oi (おい), because it coincidentally has the same meaning as British English oi.

What I would be doing when active

  • Re-/Categorising images (done a lot of this)
  • Sorting out the sub-pages on Nicovideo Encyclopedia (done the majority)
  • Adding as many enemies as possible that exists in Touhou (and Seihou), which includes uploading sprites. (half-ish done)
  • Adding possible redirects
  • Continuing editing Reimu's page
  • General editing


  • /Sig - My signature for talk pages.