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I have come to think that Japanese people are definitely not as cool as one might think they are if one only superficially knows about them, and I have even come to dislike Japanese society a bit as well, but I do think that the doujin world is something that the western world lacks. Regardless of whatever "quality" or "meaningfulness" Touhou has, it is, unlike everything else, fundamentally something non-commercial - shall we say "anti-commercial"? According to this, ZUN himself has said that the two biggest reasons for Touhou's popularity is:

  1. 続編のつくりやすさ - translation: The ease in making continuation [i. e. derivative] works
  2. アンチ商業 - translation: anti-commercial (As it is not commercial, it is anti-commercial)

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/Tosiaki1 (nothing much to see here - only one tweet apologizing for a past mistake)

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